Community, diversity and big dreams. This is ‘En un barrio de Nueva York’, the musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda turned into a film – movie news

On the occasion of the premiere of the new trailer, SensaCine attends a virtual event with the cast of the film and director Jon M. Chu. Lin-Manuel Miranda was 19 years old when he started his “Dream”. In The Heights it started like this. In the same way that the protagonist of this story explains … Read more

Why Dwayne Johnson Didn’t Follow His Dreams of Becoming a CIA Agent

Dwayne Johnson is one celebrity that has had an unlikely but consistent rise to stardom throughout his life. From his beginnings as a third-generation professional wrestler in his family, he has never once seemed to falter in his climb to the top. Now that he’s a world-renowned movie star, a best-selling author, and a growing … Read more

Online premieres: review of “The job of my dreams”, by Philippe Falardeau (Netflix)

In 2014, a few years after the death of JD Salinger, Joanna Rakoff published her book as a “literary memoir” MY SALINGER YEAR. It is a book that rescues the figure of the writer in a curious way, one that the film maintains. Although the writer is one of the main characters of THE JOB … Read more

Learn about the ritual that led Gina Rodriguez and her sisters to fulfill their dreams

Receiving his Golden Globe for his performance in the hit Jane the Virgin, Gina rodriguez attributed his success to his family. But what was he referring to, exactly? Now we know, after, together with his sisters, Ivelisse and Rebecca, declared to the magazine Time that they owed their success to their father, Gino Rodriguez. According … Read more

The director who dreams of working with and 9 more curiosities of Gina Rodriguez

Gina rodriguez seems to understand his professional career as a long-distance race in which downtime, excessive breaks or the minimum absence of ambition are not allowed. Aware that her Latino origins, in these times, can play more against than in favor, the protagonist of the successful ‘Jane the Virgin’ has been breaking down walls, blowing … Read more