For the anniversary of Brexit, champagne is drunk by the pint

For the anniversary of Brexit champagne is drunk by the

Chronic. Boris Johnson has cultivated this talent for telling lies on the European question to excellence for more than thirty years. It takes a fact loosely connected with reality, twists and amplifies it into a false story, but one that captures the imagination of the general public. When he was a journalist in Brussels, the … Read more

The dangers of drugged driving are outpacing drunk driving

“We need to focus our efforts on drugged driving, in addition to drunk driving, because drugged driving causes such a high level of fatalities, says Andrew Yockey, a doctoral student in UC’s College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services and researcher at the UC Center for Prevention Science. Yockey is lead author on the … Read more

Anthony Hopkins | I was an absolute drunk. I hurt a lot of people

Anthony Hopkins I was an absolute drunk I hurt

SAt home in the hills of Santa Monica, California, Anthony Hopkins likes to look at Google Maps and wander the streets of Margam, the small town in South Wales where he came into the world on New Years Eve 83 years ago. “I start at my grandfather’s house, go up Caernarfon Road and take a … Read more

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