Elon Musk Criticizes Twitter: Under Blast for Using Tesla to Promote Crypto and Dogecoin Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Elon Musk Criticizes Twitter Under Blast for Using Tesla to

Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon Musk criticized Twitter for using its engineering resources to provide a non-expendable (NFT) profile picture service. “Twitter is spending engineering resources on this, while crypto fraudsters are downloading a bunch of spambots on every thread,” Musk said. Elon Musk criticizes how Twitter uses engineering resources Tesla CEO Elon Musk criticized … Read more

Elon Musk’s brain chip startup would begin human trials

Elon Musks brain chip startup would begin human trials

Elon Musk appears to be close to starting the first human trials of his brain-computer interface technology. A new job offer for “Clinical Trials Director” at Neuralink reveals that the startup neurotech is preparing to take its brain chip research to the next phase. Neuralink has already conducted trials with pigs and monkeys, including a … Read more

‘The 2-hand test’, Elon Musk’s strategy to hire Tesla

The 2 hand test Elon Musks strategy to hire Tesla

the billionaire Elon Musk, business owner Tesla y SpaceX, has a particular strategy to select the new workers of your company. At Tesla and SpaceX, the selection process doesn’t include a conventional interview asking you to show your college degrees and talk about your qualities. Instead, they use ‘the test of two hands’. We tell … Read more

Elon Musk was chosen “person of the year” by Time magazine

Elon Musk was chosen person of the year by Time

TIME Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, was named this Monday as the “person of the year” 2021 by the magazine Time. Musk is also the founder and CEO of rocket company SpaceX, and runs brain chip company Neuralink and infrastructure company The Boring Company. “This is the man who aspires to save our planet and … Read more

Controversy over the election of Elon Musk as ‘Person of the Year’ in ‘Time’ magazine

Controversy over the election of Elon Musk as Person of

The prestigious magazine Time has selected the most important people of the year 1927. It is a tradition that highlights a personality who, for better or for worse, has had a great influence on the events of the year. Thus, the American publication has chosen Elon Musk as Person of the Year for the 2021 … Read more

Elon Musk aconseja cómo asegurarse el éxito: reveló cuál es la carrera con mejor futuro

Elon Musk aconseja como asegurarse el exito revelo cual es

Elon Musk, creador de SpaceX y Tesla, suele realizar declaraciones sobre distintos temas que llaman la atención. Esta vez se refirió nuevamente a su visión del futuro y, puntualmente, reveló cuál es la carrera con mejor futuro del mundo. “La Inteligencia Artificial hará que los trabajos sean un poco inútiles”, dijo el multimillonario en la … Read more

Elon Musk boasts of the taxes he pays and rekindles the ‘Tax the rich’

Elon Musk boasts of the taxes he pays and rekindles

FigueresAmid controversy over whether America’s super-rich pay enough taxes, Tesla mogul Elon Musk has reignited the movement Tax the rich by ensuring that this year will be the American that will make the highest tax payment in the history of the country: more than 11,000 million dollars. He made it public when, after being chosen Person of … Read more

Elon Musk’s Starlink crashes into a wall in India

Elon Musks Starlink crashes into a wall in India

Billionaire businessman Elon Musk’s satellite internet company Starlink has told its members that the Indian government has asked the company to refund all of its pre-orders until it receives licenses to operate in the country. “As has always been the case, you can receive a refund at any time,” the company said in an email … Read more

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