‘Mr. Corman ‘, a bitter comedy about failure

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as Josh Corman, in a still from the series. First season Joseph Gordon-Levitt creates, directs and stars in this series that addresses the day-to-day life of a frustrated musician who teaches ten and eleven-year-olds It can almost be said that the Apple TV + record in terms of content is flawless. The Cupertino … Read more

Why Spectre Is Still So important In No Time To Die (Despite Its Failure)

Spectre still seems to be central to story of No Time to Die, despite it being one of James Bond’s less well-received outings. Here’s why. No Time to Die seems to be taking a lot of narrative cues from Spectre, despite the film’s lackluster reception. After years of rumors that Daniel Craig would be departing … Read more

“Waterworld”, the failure that sank Kevin Costner: the fierce fights with the director, a set devastated by a typhoon and the hell of the screenwriter

“You have to put your head in the lion’s mouth if you want to be successful in the action that you carry out ”. The phrase leaves no room for doubt. Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, wrote it in 1900 in London to Ladysmith via Pretoria, where he portrays his impressions of an … Read more