Celebrities Who Will Never Act In Superhero Movies Again: Kevin Spacey, TJ Miller

Universal Pictures Being part of a superhero movie can mean international recognition and fame. If you doubt it, just think of Marvel and DC stars like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa and more. However, not all actors who have participated in the superhero cinematic universe have had this luck. … Read more

Your face sounds familiar to me: Rodrigo Santoro, from ‘300’ to ‘Lost’

Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro, whom we have seen with roles of greater or lesser importance in various blockbusters or high-budget series, came to the world of acting while studying journalism in his native country. The soap operas of the Globo network served as a springboard for him to earn his first job in Brazilian cinema (‘Bicho … Read more

‘The starling’, an obvious reflection on the loss that Melissa McCarthy misses

Related news One year after exceptionally skipping the fall film festival season, Netflix has once again relied on Venice, Telluride, San Sebastián, New York and Toronto as the starting point for some of the films that will hit the platform before the end of the year. After seeing Culpable and Starling, the conclusion is clear: … Read more

‘Venom: There will be slaughter’: The first reactions speak of a sequel that is more of the same

In the United States, Sony has already made several open to the public screenings of ‘Venom: There will be slaughter’, a sequel to the 2018 film starring Tom Hardy. The full reviews are still embargoed, but the producer and distributor has already allowed people to share, at least on social media, their first reactions without … Read more

Best fall movies: 10 great ‘pumpkin spice’ films to watch this season

Fall is here, and we know what that means: early nights, Ugg boots, warm apple cider, leaf piles, and deep breaths of brisk air. It also means that Starbucks and other coffee chains are reviving the pumpkin spice latte, the sweet, nutmeggy concoction that has become synonymous with the season … despite being little more … Read more

Cinematheque To Screen Classic Horror Films on Halloween Weekend

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 Cinematheque To Screen Classic Horror Films on Halloween Weekend Posted By Jeff drizzle on Tue, Sep 28, 2021 at 8:52 AM click to enlarge Universal Pictures The Cinematheque will screen Tales From the Hood. The Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque just announced that it’ll screen five classic horror films from three different … Read more

Child or young actresses who are identical to their adult character

Revolution Studios | Revolution Studios It is not strange that series and movies use jumps in time as a resource to tell their story, whether it all begins when the protagonist is a girl or has a flashback throughout the plot. In these cases, the production must find a child or young actress to play … Read more

The ‘Chernobyl’ writer writes the ‘Mythic Quest’ episode that you should watch even if you don’t know the series

We can not insist any more, it will sound rude, but you should see a series of AppleTV +. Among them is ‘Mythic Quest’: the sit-com set in a video game company is a perfect mix between ‘The Office’ and ‘Rockefeller Plaza’ and these weeks its fantastic second season is airing. The sixth episode, ‘Background!’ … Read more

Star Wars: Anthony Daniels reveals he’s disappointed in new films in the series

The discontent of fans about the current situation of Star Wars It is one of the most talked about topics when it comes to franchising. Mark Hamill, Simon Pegg and even Daisy Ridley have said that they understand the fans who are upset, and now it is the turn of Anthony Daniels, Briton famous for … Read more

Your face is familiar to me: Where have you seen Keri Russell?

Born in California in 1976, Keri Russell has been associated with show business for over two decades, at which time she began to appear as a secondary school in several television projects, which gave her certain tables to make her the absolute protagonist of one of the adolescent series that caused the most furor (and … Read more