“Former students of Sciences Po Grenoble, we wish to defend academic freedom”

Former students of Sciences Po Grenoble we wish to defend

Tribune. For several months, the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies (IEP) has been the center of many controversies, with the culmination of December 14, 2021, the suspension for four months of a professor for breaches of obligations linked to civil servant status. We, former students of the IEP of Grenoble, coming from all walks of … Read more

#BalanceTonBar: “Freedom to speak or not, the victims are there and demand justice”

BalanceTonBar Freedom to speak or not the victims are there

Tribune. Since mid-July 2021, many victims of attacks by chemical submission have alerted the groups and associations to help victims. These attacks peaked as soon as the night establishments reopened and reached an alarming threshold around the fall holidays and the Halloween party. In addition, and to confirm these increasingly numerous alerts, since 2014, the … Read more

Defending a freedom to inform under siege

Defending a freedom to inform under siege

Editorial of the “World”. At the time of the assessments, the one on the situation of the press in the world does not encourage optimism. The annual reports of Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and of Reporters Without Borders (RSF), published in December, testify to this. Their results may be different due to their own … Read more

“Country is freedom, it’s like a Harley on route 66”: from one ball to the next, immersed in the France of country dance

Country is freedom its like a Harley on route 66

By Camille Bordenet Posted today at 3:00 p.m., updated at 8:32 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationThey are thousands, all over the country, even in the villages, to be hooked on this line dance. Popular, accessible, it allows all ages and social backgrounds to come together and become one, at a time when ties are … Read more

The reason why Dolly Parton rejected Trump’s Presidential Medal of Freedom twice – BBC News World

The reason why Dolly Parton rejected Trumps Presidential Medal of

Drafting BBC News World February 2, 2021 Image source, PA Wire Caption, The singer said she was unsure about accepting the award from President Joe Biden. American country singer Dolly Parton revealed that she twice rejected the Presidential Medal of Freedom during the government of Donald Trump. The artist said she did not accept the … Read more

“What if this was unbearable for Vladimir Putin: a Ukrainian neighbor of Russian culture who chooses political freedom? “

What if this was unbearable for Vladimir Putin a Ukrainian

L‘Ukraine will return to Russia someday. Vladimir Putin is convinced of this. The Russian president does not support the independence of his big neighbor to the south. In an article published in July, he writes: “Russia, Ukraine, one people. “ The worrying Russian military posturing along eastern Ukraine must be appreciated in the light of … Read more

Britney Spears reappears radiant and shows how she prepares for her Christmas in freedom

Britney Spears reappears radiant and shows how she prepares for

Britney Spears He has started a new life and it seems that no one can stand between his plans. An achievement that happened after a few months ago he managed to get justice to remove his father, Jamie, from the iron protection that he dragged just a few weeks ago, when the judge who was … Read more

The fall and rise of Britney Spears: her darkest moments and how she regained her freedom

The fall and rise of Britney Spears her darkest moments

Fotos: @GenteIn / Twitter / @ CerebrosG / @ GabyMeza8 In recent days The Britney Spears story rang louder than ever. Not that of the tender girl of the Mickey’s club that over time was marketed as a sexual icon, nor the story of a tormented young woman who fell into drugs, went crazy and … Read more

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