The Barren Future of The Weinstein Company

Harvey Weinstein’s film studio is already disintegrating, as the public image the disgraced producer crafted for himself crumbles. Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP The power that Harvey Weinstein wielded—the power he abused for the entirety of his Hollywood career, according to dozens of allegations of harassment, rape, and assault—was wrapped up in his name. … Read more

Fired from his latest project after being accused of rape and with the future of ‘Death on the Nile’ in the air

Armie Hammer was convinced that 2021 was going to be a great year for him, but he sure would have preferred that 2020 never come to an end. A strange cannibal controversy soon emerged that the actor himself called “bullshit“, but already then he abandoned ‘Shotgun Wedding’ and since then he has not stopped losing … Read more

Olivia Colman would have an important role in the series and recurring in the future of the MCU

Secret Invasion: Olivia Colman would have an important role in the series and recurring in the future of the MCU As the years go by, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has shown that, although it seems that it has given everything, new possibilities can always open up, and it is not just about the characters or … Read more

Scarlett Johansson’s complaint that could change the actors’ future contracts with Disney

Black Widow, O Black widow, It was expected as one of the most notable titles of the season, with Scarlett Johansson at the helm giving life to the Marvel heroine. However, the pandemic disrupted the film’s plans and the release had to be postponed for more than a year, a situation that has been repeated … Read more

Bron Studios execs talk ‘Bombshell’, future plans at AFM finance conference panel | News

At the AFM finance conference yesterday (Nov 8) at the Fairmont Hotel, Aaron L Gilbert, chairman and CEO of Bron Studios, admitted that “we never had the aspiration to do what we’re doing now” when he first started the company with wife Brenda back in 2010. “When I came into the business 10 years ago, … Read more

Disney Could Lose Rights to Future ‘Spider-Man’ Films by 2023

Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony The fate of Spider-Man’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is up in the air after a shocking copyright termination notice being filed by the Steve Ditko estate today. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s most iconic portrayals. Could future Marvel-Sony Spider-Man movies be scrapped as a result … Read more

BACK TO THE FUTURE The Musical Extends Booking Period in West End

BACK TO THE FUTURE The Musical’s performances at the Adelphi Theatre in London’s West End will extend to 3 July 2022. Tickets on sale now. The musical, which had its opening night on Monday 13 September, has had an incredible reaction from the public and been rewarded with 5 star and 4 star reviews. BACK … Read more

10 Things You May Not Know About the ‘Back to the Future’ Trilogy

On October 26, 1985, Marty McFly stepped into Doc Brown’s souped-up DeLorean and launched one of Hollywood’s most beloved series. But it was a rocky road from page to screen for the sci-fi classic, which included the assistance of a legendary director as well as an infamous firing. Here are 10 things you may not … Read more