George MacKay and Lily-Rose Depp Give Full-Bodied Performances in Identity Drama

It’s clear from the opening moments of Nathalie Biancheri’s remarkable sophomore narrative outing “Wolf” that there’s exactly one thing on the menu: full commitment. When the drama kicks off, star George MacKay is already immersed in his character, a young man who believes he was born in the wrong body (read: a human one) and … Read more

Review: Justin Chon and Alicia Vikander are triumphant in ‘Blue Bayou,’ a drama of immigration and identity

Antonio (Justin Chon), wife Kathy (Alicia Vikander) and daughter Jessie (Sydney Kowalske) in “Blue Bayou,” which was also written and directed by Chon. Photo: Focus Features Absorbing, emotional, frustrating, inspiring, sad, compelling and anchored by two of the best performances of the year, “Blue Bayou” is a drama about immigration and identity, most obviously, but … Read more

Indigenous filmmaker wants fines, jail time for ‘pretendians’ who misrepresent their identity

A Haida filmmaker is pushing for new legislation in Canada to penalize people who wrongly claim to be indigenous and access grants, awards and jobs intended for Indigenous people. Tamara Bell said she wants those who misrepresent their identity to face fines and even prison time. In her press conference, Bell didn’t distinguish between those … Read more