China supports the thesis of a “color revolution” in Kazakhstan

China supports the thesis of a color revolution in Kazakhstan

Chinese President Xi Jinping during his Happy New Year speech in Beijing on December 31, 2021. LI XIANG / AP China seems to be perfectly accommodating to the intervention of Russian forces in Kazakhstan, after the request of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, faced since January 2 with a massive popular protest movement. On Monday January 10, … Read more

What is happening in Kazakhstan? What you should know about the protests and chaos

What is happening in Kazakhstan What you should know about

Biden calls on Putin to reduce tensions with Ukraine 5:17 (CNN) — Violent protests in recent days in Kazakhstan have led to the resignation of the government and the declaration of a state of emergency, as troops from a Russian-led military alliance head to the Central Asian country thrown into chaos to help quell the … Read more

State of emergency: Russian-led alliance pledges military aid to Kazakhstan – WELT

State of emergency Russian led alliance pledges military aid to Kazakhstan

Dhe dispatch of foreign soldiers to Kazakhstan by a Russian-led military alliance is fueling fears of a further escalation of the situation in the former Soviet republic. It was said that the soldiers of the Alliance should be deployed for a limited period of time “to stabilize and normalize the situation in the country”. However, … Read more

Chaos and violence in Kazakhstan. Almaty town hall attacked and set on fire

Chaos and violence in Kazakhstan Almaty town hall attacked and

AGI – Protests in Kazakhstan against rising bills take on the shape of a violent revolt. In Almaty, the financial capital of Kazakhstan, the demonstrators have the Municipality building was attacked and set on fire. In Aktobe, one of the cities where they erupted protests over the rise in gas prices, the demonstrators stormed the … Read more

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