Kevin Feige Feels Good About MCU’s Moon Knight, Says Oscar Isaac

Moon Knight so far has all the makings of a great Marvel series, as star Oscar Isaac says it takes big swings and already has Kevin Feige’s approval. As of right now, Moon Knight has the Kevin Feige stamp of approval, according to star Oscar Isaac. The MCU has enjoyed a pretty big 2021, but … Read more

Meet Dwayne Johnson’s Krypto & Kevin Hart’s Ace

Warner Bros. animation adaptation of DC League of Super-Pets unveils a teaser showcasing Dwayne Johnson as Krypto and Kevin Hart as Ace. DC FanDome gave the first look at the upcoming animated film DC League of Super-Pets with an exclusive trailer. While DC has put focus on many of their iconic superheroes with projects based around … Read more

Kevin Bacon Says He Would Love To Be Out In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 And James Gunn Agrees

Guardians of the Galaxy – 91% is a love letter to many things, among many others we have Footlose and its protagonist Kevin Bacon. There is a moment in the movie where Gamora says that she is a warrior and an assassin so dancing is not her thing. So Peter Quill sums up the plot … Read more

Kevin Williamson: ‘The penny dropped that something revolutionary was happening’

Becca Inglis 11 October 2021 Push The Boat Out sets off on its maiden voyage in the innovative hands of Jenny Niven and Kevin Williamson / Picture: Louise Montgomery An explosion in experimental writing has led to Push The Boat Out at Edinburgh’s Summerhall. We speak to the organisers about their vision for Scotland’s newest … Read more

Marvel Has A Real Team Dedicated To Preventing Spoiler Leaks Says Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith says Marvel really does have a sort of “secret police” in charge of maintaining a certain level of secrecy regarding the MCU. Clerks 3 director Kevin Smith says Marvel Studios does have a sort of “secret police” in charge of maintaining a certain level of secrecy regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since bursting … Read more

Black Widow director reveals scene Marvel’s Kevin Feige fought to keep

Black Widow director Cate Shortland has revealed a scene that Marvel boss Kevin Feige fought to keep in the film. READ MORE: In the battle of bulging bank balances – neither Scarlett Johansson nor Disney come away richer Speaking to Empire, Shortland said the dinner scene – which sees all four members of the family … Read more

MCU Architect Kevin Feige Wants Wesley Snipes & Nick Cage Back In Their Legacy Roles

In the latest “well that would be really cool” news, reports are out that Marvel Cinematic Universe overseer Kevin Feige wants both Wesley Snipes and Nicolas Cage to reprise their roles as Blade and Ghost Rider, respectively. The actors would appear in the upcoming Secret Wars movie, which doesn’t have an official release date and … Read more