Woman in the Window Marks the End of Hollywood as We Once Knew It

The movie was developed by Elizabeth Gabler’s Fox 2000 before the Fox studio was sold to Disney, and produced by then A-lister Scott Rudin. “The Woman in the Window” is many things. But this star-studded, twisty Hitchcockian thriller was never intended to debut on May 14 on Netflix with a 40 Metascore. That was hardly … Read more

Goodbye to Susana Lanteri, an actress who knew how to make small roles great

The actress Susana Lanteri, with a vast career in film, theater and television, died this sunday September 5, as reported by the Argentine Association of Actors (AAA) on their social networks. I was 86 years old. The causes of his death are unknown, for now, although it turned out that he had been fighting a … Read more