“I miss you so much”: Letters from Nasrin Sotoudeh from prison to her son and daughter

I miss you so much Letters from Nasrin Sotoudeh from

Nasrim Soutedeh, Iranian lawyer and activist, May 27, 2019 The heartbreaking letters from jail from lawyer and women’s rights activist Nasrin Sotoudeh reveal the trauma the government inflicts on the families it claims to protect. Nasrin Sotoudeh is a lawyer who has never shied away from doing the right thing in Iran. In her long … Read more

Jeff Goldblum, or how to kill jazz while having fun | Free Letters

Jeff Goldblum or how to kill jazz while having fun

Those of us who listen to jazz divide ourselves into two: those who affirm that jazz is dead and those who believe otherwise. That’s right, because the health of jazz is something that only interests us who listen to the genre. Everyone else does not care what records are released or what innovations can be … Read more

Whiplash: against the divinity of the artist | Free Letters

Whiplash against the divinity of the artist Free Letters

There are movies that pretend to be what they are not. For instance, Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky: the story of a repressed and virtuous dancer who loses her sanity and life on her way to perfection. Black SwanA solemn corny stamp, it convinced many that it was a disturbing portrait of the link between … Read more

20 years of Fight club: who wants to be Durden? | Free Letters

20 years of Fight club who wants to be Durden

I write this a few days after Jokerby Todd Phillips won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. The news caused surprise. On the one hand, it was striking that the festival’s highest prize was awarded to a “superhero” film –Joker tells the origin of the legendary villain from the comic book universe DC-. … Read more

Anthony Hopkins: The Good Father | Free Letters

Anthony Hopkins The Good Father Free Letters

The setting was scrupulously planned so that the most soulless and boring Oscar delivery in history ended on an emotional note. Against the tradition installed since 1948 of leaving the best picture statuette until the end – with the exception of 1971, when the last was the honorary given to Charles Chaplin – the producers … Read more

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