Rutte IV has a lot of work to do with healthy food – Director of the Nutrition Center: ‘it is time for healthy and sustainable food!’ – Food log

Rutte IV has a lot of work to do with

In many comments we read criticism of the vagueness of the plans. The ambitions are great, but a lot is still unclear about the ‘how’. There are also many comments on the elaboration of the vision. I partly identify with that. In the 80 years that the Nutrition Center has been working on education about … Read more

Rutte IV’s agricultural and food ambitions under scrutiny: a lot of money, little concrete – Former policy official De Jong points to the role of the House of Representatives in policy implementation of the new cabinet – Foodlog

Rutte IVs agricultural and food ambitions under scrutiny a lot

Who compares the coalition agreement of Rutte IV with that of Rutte III from 2017 sees that he should not have too many expectations of the beautiful goals and money flows. Despite all the billions, this coalition agreement will not offer agriculture the desired perspective. In times of dualism, however, there are plenty of opportunities … Read more

The photos of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck that have given a lot to talk about

The name of Ben Affleck usually takes the headlines, but these days, accompanied by another Jennifer, because since he resumed his relationship with JLO, a lot is seen of the actor. With whom he is seen a little less and less is with his ex-wife and mother of his children, Jennifer Garner. Although the exes … Read more

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, love and a lot of humor

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds love and a lot of

Last Sunday, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, famous and anonymous couples showed their love, many of them in public. Social networks became a hotbed of displays of affection and from Madonna, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady until sovereigns of the Netherlands, Guillermo and Máxima, all posed to record what unites them. One of the couples that … Read more

Allyson Felix, 11 medals and a lot of power

Allyson Felix 11 medals and a lot of power

The medallitis It is the childhood disease of Olympism. It is propagated by the states, who want to believe that the sports ranking is the ranking of quality of life, healthy and happy youth; The press accelerates it because the medal count facilitates work and judgment, good, bad, regular, that the next one passes, and … Read more

Anthony Hopkins | I was an absolute drunk. I hurt a lot of people

Anthony Hopkins I was an absolute drunk I hurt

SAt home in the hills of Santa Monica, California, Anthony Hopkins likes to look at Google Maps and wander the streets of Margam, the small town in South Wales where he came into the world on New Years Eve 83 years ago. “I start at my grandfather’s house, go up Caernarfon Road and take a … Read more

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