When Malignant Is Leaving HBO Max

Malignant only has a little while left on HBO Max, and after a month, it’s become fairly scant in theaters across the country. The recently released Malignant was seen by many as another great horror feather in director James Wan’s cap, seeing him return to his horror roots after directing 2018’s superhero blockbuster movie Aquaman. … Read more

Best new horror movies of 2021: ‘Malignant,’ ‘Fear Street,’ ‘Candyman’

Every year around Halloween, a batch of “best horror movies ever!” lists crop up. Including one by me. Which is fine — horror movies are great and this is the best time to watch them. Even bad ones offer something, be it laughs (intentional or otherwise) or the occasional jolt of adrenaline. The good ones … Read more

Movie Review – Malignant (2021)

Malignant, 2021. Directed by James Wan.Starring Annabelle Wallis, Maddie Hasson, George Young, Michole Briana White, Jacqueline McKenzie. SYNOPSIS: A woman experiences visions of grisly murders, and discovers these violent events are happening in real life. When horror auteur James Wan proclaimed that he wanted to give the audience something radically different with Malignant, he really … Read more

Cringe Blog: “Midnight Mass” and “Malignant” usher in October | Arts and Entertainment

Attention, readers: Please play this song in a separate window before reading in order to set the mood. Thank you. Well, well, well. As sure as the moon overtakes the sun each night so the creatures that like darkness can play, it is now October. It is our darkness, in other words, the month fans of … Read more

‘Malignant’ is a Morbidly Fresh Horror Film – SXU Student Media

James Wan’s Malignant has been one of the most refreshing horror films of the year. I genuinely enjoyed it and recommend all horror fanatics to watch! With Wan’s Malignant being morbidly unique in the horror genre, it’s keeping the horror-franchise alive. This year, and in upcoming years, we have more and more remakes and reboots … Read more

7 Movies Like Malignant to Watch for More Unhinged Horror

Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Malignant. So you just watched Malignant. First, I’m gonna ask you to take some deep breaths and drink a glass of water; I have to imagine that after experiencing James Wan |‘s utterly bonkers dive into some of the wildest horror ideas committed to cinema in recent memory, … Read more