“Schools put to the test of uncertainties”: a plea for a fair, united and mixed institution

Schools put to the test of uncertainties a plea for

Delivered. Sociologist Aziz Jellab does indeed engage in a “Advocacy for an emancipatory institution”, as the subtitle of his book indicates, and not the outline of an action plan which, in the current conditions of the political debate on education, between a weakened Jean-Michel Blanquer and an overbid “Reaction” to right-wing oppositions would remain highly … Read more

Mixed emotions, surprises and crying left Bad Bunny’s salvation in ‘Yo me llamo’

Mixed emotions surprises and crying left Bad Bunnys salvation in

Taken from Canal Caracol live A new night of elimination left the most popular impersonator show on Colombian television, in which four contestants competed to save their place in the impersonator school and in which there were surprises such as the constant appearance of the rector, Moisés Angulo. ‘Jessi Uribe’, ‘Alejandro Fernández’, ‘Bad Bunny’ and … Read more

“Daddy, mummy, what is a half-breed?” »: In the rich and complex daily life of mixed couples

Daddy mummy what is a half breed In the rich

By Gladys Marivat Posted today at 19:59 Reserved for our subscribers TestimonialsFrench multicultural families must deal with stereotypes and identity debates. Four young couples tell how the news is invited into their everyday life. Structural racism, debate on separatism, national preference, “woke” movement… As the presidential campaign turns towards questions of immigration and identity, what … Read more

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