The paper house: the 5 key facts of the last trailer of the end | Netflix series nnda nnlt | SPORTS-PLAY

Netflix released the trailer for the second part of the fifth season of “The Money Heist”, which will put an end to the most successful Spanish series in recent years. The fiction, which premiered in 2017 and will say goodbye to the public on December 3, 2021, will close with a flourish the stories of … Read more

Milo Ventimiglia, the Jack Pearson of This Is Us, almost didn’t get the part

This Is Us It is the drama that managed to conquer audiences in much of the world and make them cry in each episode. Milo Ventimiglia he put himself in the shoes of Jack Pearson, a family man who became the ideal husband for the public. Although the actor garnered multiple award nominations for his … Read more

Harry Potter: Alan Rickman and the letter he stole from the set to sell for more than 25 thousand dollars | Severus Snape | Movies | nnda nnlt | CHEKA

The saga of Harry Potter It was characterized by presenting the adventures of a young magician and due to its great acceptance by the public, a total of 8 films were produced to the joy of the followers of the actor Daniel Radcliffe, the protagonist of the film. But in that story other events also … Read more

Wes Anderson and his love letter to journalism

The new film by Wes Anderson, The French Dispatch, which brings together small stories of the writing of a newspaper, arising after the death of its director, was exhibited in competition at the Cannes film festival. With a few exceptions, Anderson always makes the same movie – it’s inevitable. This time he even goes beyond … Read more

“When I accepted the role in Lost, I didn’t know anything about the series”

Jon Gries He is one of the actors who, probably, has the most supporting roles that have generated an impact. His career came to a close in mid-2000 when, he says, it was the heyday of independent films and he wanted to try his hand as a director. However, a press agent convinced him to … Read more

What should they solve in the last chapters of the series?

After five seasons The Money Heist comes to an end. On September 3, Netflix premiered the first five episodes of the fifth and final season of the series, one of the platform’s star fictions that happened to be in the top ten one of the most viewed in a few hours. If you are one … Read more