“More and more difficult to believe in this trophy”: former players scandalized by Messi’s coronation with the Golden Ball

More and more difficult to believe in this trophy former

This Monday, Leo Messi won the Golden Ball for the seventh time in his career. If the media oscillated between admiration and questioning, others violently attacked the institution of the Golden Ball. Starting with Cristiano Ronaldo, only sixth this year. In a long message, long before Messi was appointed, he wanted to explain his absence … Read more

“Do the players govern?”: PSG, a club in perpetual turmoil

Do the players govern PSG a club in perpetual turmoil

A goal gap, but a world separates them! This Wednesday, Manchester City gave a football lesson to PSG. If at the sampler, the difference is minimal, the terrain has made a whole different reality. And Mauricio Pochettino still has a long way to go before he reaches the collective fullness of Guardiola. For Thierry Henry, … Read more

Manchester United: Ronaldo annoyed by the level of the team, Solskjaer challenged by his players

Manchester United Ronaldo annoyed by the level of the team

Dominated this Saturday by City in the derby in the Premier League, Manchester United is going through a serious crisis of results. According to the British press, the players would no longer support coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Cristiano Ronaldo would live more and more badly with the failed performances of the group. A shipwreck … Read more

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