“Schools put to the test of uncertainties”: a plea for a fair, united and mixed institution

Schools put to the test of uncertainties a plea for

Delivered. Sociologist Aziz Jellab does indeed engage in a “Advocacy for an emancipatory institution”, as the subtitle of his book indicates, and not the outline of an action plan which, in the current conditions of the political debate on education, between a weakened Jean-Michel Blanquer and an overbid “Reaction” to right-wing oppositions would remain highly … Read more

The plea of ​​an almost-candidate President Macron

The plea of ​​an almost candidate President Macron

Editorial of the “World”. One eye on the Covid-19, the other on the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron gave himself, Wednesday, December 15, on TF1 and LCI, to a very long plea. Even before being issued, the exercise had put the nerves of his opponents alive, and for good reason: the president is not yet a … Read more

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