Harry Potter: 8 times natural talent beat hard work

Harry Potter 8 times natural talent beat hard work

Magic in Harry Potter it is both a science and an art form. While natural magical power helps, the most accomplished magicians are often those who have spent hundreds of hours taking advantage of their art. Wizards live longer than humans, so true experts like Dumbledore can theoretically spend more than a century practicing their … Read more

JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter who is hardly visible anymore. What is the reason?

JK Rowling the author of Harry Potter who is hardly

With Return to Hogwarts cooking behind the scenes and with the rerun of harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in movie theaters, and even with the version of Chris Columbus on the table to bring his three-hour version to light, many have wondered where JK Rowling and what has happened to the author of one … Read more

Harry Potter: 20 Years of Movie Magic

Harry Potter 20 Years of Movie Magic

Preceded by the immense literary success of the youth novel that inspired it, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, it reached the big screen two decades ago to make the phenomenon created by the British writer JKRowling unstoppable and which was to be completed in the cinema with seven other adaptation films of the literary … Read more

20 years of ‘Harry Potter’: what has become of the lesser known actors?

20 years of Harry Potter what has become of the

It’s 2021, Oddly enough, it is 20 years since the premiere of Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. The film, based on the characters in the eponymous book by JK Rowling, he fell in love with an entire generation that is still waiting for his letter to Hogwarts well into their thirties. Of course, after … Read more

Good End 2021: ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Star Wars’ and all products with 50% on Amazon

Good End 2021 Harry Potter Star Wars and all products

It’s today, it’s today! Good End 2021 has finally arrived with insane discounts that include collectibles from ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Star Wars’ and much more. Do not forget that you will only have from November 10 to 16 to take advantage of these prices. If there is an event that manages to bring together our taste … Read more

El mejor Caja De Musica Harry Potter: ¿cuáles son sus opciones?

El mejor Caja De Musica Harry Potter ¿cuales son sus

Inicio » Top News » El mejor Caja De Musica Harry Potter: ¿cuáles son sus opciones? ¿Acaba de visitar el mercado y está confundido por tantas opciones de Caja De Musica Harry Potter?Está buscando una guía perfecta que pueda ayudarlo a encontrar el mejor¿ Caja De Musica … Read more

‘Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone’: this is the first film in the saga

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone this is the first

The actor who played Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, had not acted before and grew in turn that the character Although harry potter world became known in 1997, it was not until 2001 that it entered the film world. Warner Bros It was the company that was in charge of buying the rights to the literary … Read more

The Argentine cartoonist who put a face to Harry Potter and runs marathons in the Sahara desert

The Argentine cartoonist who put a face to Harry Potter

Known as the illustrator of the Harry Potter face of the Spanish edition of the famous wizard books most loved by teenagers, Dolores AvendanoShe also has another facet in her life that she is passionate about: being an ultra marathoner. She participated in races in the Himalayas, in the Sahara desert, in Mongolia and in … Read more

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