“Republicans’ rewriting of history normalized Trump’s big lie”

Republicans rewriting of history normalized Trumps big lie

Lwill democracy in the United States change gender? Go from the liberal type to the illiberal type? The first anniversary of the January 6, 2021 insurgency against Capitol Hill, the seat of Congress and the heart of democracy in America, flirted with this question. Challenged by Russia and China, the United States would be plagued … Read more

Clericalism, the enemy of the Republicans, became the enemy of the Catholics

Clericalism the enemy of the Republicans became the enemy of

History of a notion. “Clericalism?” That’s the enemy! », launched Léon Gambetta on May 4, 1877 in the Chamber of Deputies, quoting his journalist friend Alphonse Peyrat. The clericalism then targeted by the Seine MP symbolized tensions between the Republican and Catholic camps. And more precisely, the temptation of the Church to encroach on the … Read more

The flower of the Republicans on the grave of General de Gaulle: this may be a detail for you …

The flower of the Republicans on the grave of General

The President of the Republicans, Christian Jacob (second from the right), surrounded by the candidates for the nomination of the party for the presidential election, with from left to right, Eric Ciotti, Michel Barnier, Philippe Juvin, Valérie Pécresse and Xavier Bertrand, in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, on November 9, 2021. PHOTOPQR / THE EAST REPUBLICAN / ALEXANDREMARCHI / … Read more

“Since the election of Joe Biden, the Republicans have waged a campaign to subvert the expression of the popular will”

Since the election of Joe Biden the Republicans have waged

Donald Trump and Joe Biden, after a televised debate, in Nashville (Tennessee), in October 2020. JULIO CORTEZ / AP Tribune. American democracy is in danger. We narrowly escaped it in the 2020 election and the machinations that followed, but next time we probably won’t be so lucky. Since the American Civil War, our homeland has … Read more

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