New Corona regulation in force: winter rest extended

New Corona regulation in force winter rest

Status: 01/15/2022 07:39 a.m A new Corona regulation has come into force in Lower Saxony. This provides for relaxation, but in some areas the rules have also become stricter. The hibernation is extended. The hibernation with warning level 3 lasts until February 2nd FFP2 masks are compulsory for demonstrations There are only exceptions to contact … Read more

The checkerboard print is still the order of the day, word of Kendall Jenner (and the rest of our Instagram feed)

If there’s one thing that Lady’s Gambit left us – in addition to some style lessons – it’s the love for him. checkered print. This print was not born with the series, obviously, but it was reinforced and driven by it. So much so that today it continues to tread stronger than ever. Although it … Read more

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