Doc Ock Actor Alfred Molina Was Worried About Returning to the Character After 17 Years

Before its trailer came out, Spider-Man: No Way Home had long been rumored to bring back characters from the past Spider-Man movies. As you may expect, fans were desperate to see their favorite actors, including Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, joining Tom Holland, and have their ‘spidey senses’ tingle altogether in this one epic film. However, … Read more

Hawkeye: Vincent D’Onofrio again suggests returning as Kingpin in Disney Plus series

Although it’s been a while since Daredevil’s cancellation – 93% on Netflix, fans are still waiting for the return of their characters, under any circumstance. Vincent D’Onofrio, an actor linked to the series who played Kingpin, sends some signals to his audience and excites the entire fandom with suspicious activity on social networks. Through a … Read more

Glenn. Abraham. Lori. Shane. ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ creator talks about familiar faces returning to franchise

It is one of the ‘spin-off’ of the franchise that will see the light after the outcome of the original series in its eleventh season. Just finished the first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond and the first half of the sixth of Fear The Walking Dead, we will have no more zombie franchise … Read more

Jesse Eisenberg Discusses Possibility Of Returning To DCEU As Lex Luthor

Jesse Eisenberg says he “would love to play” Lex Luthor again in a future DCEU project, but admits that decision is “is just not up to me”. Justice League’s Jesse Eisenberg says he’s “probably the last person to know” if he will ever have an opportunity to return as Lex Luthor in a future DCEU … Read more

Guy Pearce returning to the MCU? What did the actor say | Spoiler

Iron Man 3 is a controversial film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why? Many fans criticized the twist of the film with the fake Mandarin, interpreted by Ben Kingsley, who finally acts as the actor Trevor Slattery. Spoiler warning! Kingsley’s character returns in Shang-Chi because it is captured by the real Mandarin: Wenwu, father of … Read more

Strange New Worlds Video Reveals New & Returning Star Trek Characters

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds reveals its full cast, confirming the return of characters like Uhura, and hinting at a famous villain connection. During Star Trek Day 2021, Paramount released a video showcasing the cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The series is a spin-off to Star Trek Discovery and will be a prequel … Read more

Every New and Returning MCU Actor

Editor’s note: The following contains What If Episode 5 spoilers. A star-studded new episode of Marvel’s What If…? has been released, and with it no doubt come questions as to who’s voicing who. What If Episode 5, aptly named “What If… Zombies?,” covers the early events of Avengers: Infinity War from Bruce Banner’s point of … Read more