Annual Newport Beach Film Festival Returns October 21-28

Marquesina del Newport Beach Film Festival / Photo by Chris Trella The Newport Beach Film Festival is back! Last year, the film festival, which normally screens 350 films over an eight-day period in April, switched to an online event in the fall, but the festival now returns to a celebration of in-person films from 21-28. … Read more

Take 22: Annual Newport Beach Film Festival Returns Oct. 21-28

Newport Beach Film Festival marquee / photo by Chris Trela The Newport Beach Film Festival is back! Last year the Film Festival – which normally screens 350 films during an eight-day period in April – shifted to an online event in the fall, but now the festival returns to an in-person cinematic celebration October 21-28. … Read more

CJ Returns to ‘The West Wing of the White House’: This is how Allison Janney became the television icon of a time | News, Fashion

On April 26, 2016, in the press room of the White House, a cross between reality and fiction took place, one of those that not even the best screenwriter could force. While journalists awaited the appearance of Josh Earnest, spokesman for then President Obama, appeared Allison Janney, the actress who played the role of CJ … Read more

Billy Elliot returns to the stage and makes Barcelona dance

Music returns to the streets of big cities and Barcelona reopens its theaters after the pandemic. The next On October 9, Billy Elliot’s El Musical premieres at the Teatre Victòria in Barcelona, the stage adaptation of the well-known 2000 film starring Jamie Bell. The exciting story and staging, as well as a dazzling cast and … Read more

Tom Hiddleston returns with ‘Loki’ and many still wonder if Taylor Swift was a montage that damaged his career

The “hiddlesmanía” it hit us hard a few years ago. Tom Hiddleston was everywhere and running as the next big movie star, with rumors of possible candidacy for James Bond, projects on the doorstep and the enormous popularity that it had given him to play one of Marvel’s most charismatic villains, Loki. There was just … Read more

“Saw” returns peppered with humor from Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson

SPIRAL SAW Los Angeles (USA), May 13 (EFE) .- Chris Rock, one of the best-known comedians in the United States, has been commissioned to relaunch one of the most popular horror franchises in cinema, “Saw”, that returns this Friday with a humorous twist that will surprise fans. “We had an agreement where I controlled the … Read more

Issue 3, Taco Week returns, George Clooney honored: 5 things to know

Issue 3, dissected In an election brimming with consequence, Issue 3 deserves your attention. The amendment would change Cincinnati’s charter in multiple, substantial ways, from how council members are paid to limiting the mayor’s power to set council’s agenda. It’s a complex initiative, so we broke it into seven parts, analyzing each piece separately. We’ll publish the final two … Read more

Steven Soderbergh returns to his old ways with stellar cast heist movie

(Sky) Director: Steven Soderbergh. Protagonized by: Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, David Harbor, Jon Hamm, Amy Seimetz, Brendan Fraser, Kieran Culkin. 15, 115 minutes. For No Sudden Move , director Steven Soderbergh has reverted to old habits and comforts, namely the heist movie, in the manner of Ocean’s Eleven and Logan Lucky , with a … Read more

Michael Keaton returns to be Batman in the movie The Flash

Christopher PolkGetty Images Well, it’s official Michael Keaton is Batman again again 29 years later, in the movie The Flash, and this is all that is known about his reappearance. This is how Batman would defeat each of the Avengers. Timothée Chalamet in ‘Batman Beyond’? This is what he would look like as a batman … Read more

Nick Blood returns as Lance Hunter in ‘Agents of SHIELD’

‘Agents of SHIELD‘was the first television series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, premiering in ABC in the fall of 2013. The opening episodes of the first season had disjointed plots and, let’s face it, they weren’t very good. But the situation changed with the premiere of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘completely changing the series for … Read more