Rui Tavares and Cotrim de Figueiredo were the “surprise” of the debates, considers Marques Mendes – Expresso

Rui Tavares and Cotrim de Figueiredo were the surprise of

For Luís Marques Mendes, the “surprise” in the televised debates that precede the legislative elections on 30 January were Rui Tavares, founder and candidate of Livre, and Cotrim de Figueiredo, president and candidate of the Liberal Initiative. “They were competent and effective. They represented a breath of fresh air”, he said this Sunday in his … Read more

Salário mínimo, exportações, países do leste e uma viagem Lisboa-São Francisco. Fact Check ao debate entre António Costa e Rui Rio

Salario minimo exportacoes paises do leste e uma viagem Lisboa Sao

Tem acesso livre a todos os artigos do Observador por ser nosso assinante. A frase Conseguimos ter as empresas portuguesas a exportar mais do que exportavam em 2019”António Costa  O Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE) indicou na última segunda-feira, 10 de janeiro, que no que diz respeito às exportações de bens cresceram 5,2% no acumulado … Read more

Rui Tavares or Catarina Martins? There is a very short victory (the notes and texts of the Expresso commentators) – Expresso

Rui Tavares or Catarina Martins There is a very short

Catarina Martins and Rui Tavares debated on SIC-Noticias, speaking to voters on the left of the PS and looking for an answer to a question: who will negotiate better with the PS, if the PS wins? The Block, harder? Or the Free, more available? Expresso commentators report a balanced debate, almost a draw – but … Read more

Relationship rejects Benfica’s appeal on suspension of Rui Pinto’s case

Relationship rejects Benficas appeal on suspension of Rui Pintos case

The suspension is conditional on the creator of Football Leaks continuing to collaborate with the authorities. The Lisbon Court of Appeal rejected the appeal filed by SAD do Benfica on the suspension of the judicial process in which Rui Pinto is suspected of illegitimately accessing the incarnate’s computer system and disclosing emails. Related The court … Read more

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