‘Adam Resurrected’ Blu-Ray Review – Jeff Goldblum Delivers Powerful Performance In Paul Schrader Holocaust Drama

The movie critique portion of this review was written by my colleague Michele Arbir. In 1924 my great-grandmother and my grandfather, age three at the time, arrived in New York at Ellis Island. Their names are recorded in the book coming over from Germany. My great grandfather came over the year before looking to escape … Read more

Paul Schrader Talks ‘Master Gardener,’ Follow-Up to ‘The Card Counter’

Paul Schrader, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Zurich Film Festival on Friday, is planning to start shooting thriller “Master Gardener” in February, with Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Weaver starring, and the third role to be played by a young woman of color. Zendaya was his first choice, but they couldn’t agree on … Read more

How Paul Schrader inspired himself to write ‘Taxi Driver’

Martin Scorsese’s 1976 neo-noir masterpiece Taxi Driver is regarded by many as the definitive meditation on modernity, masculinity and our fundamental societal isolation. Starring Robert De Niro as a lonely cab driver, Scorsese constructs a haunting vision of human filth out of the brilliant screenplay written by Paul Schrader. Brian De Palma was the one … Read more

Festivals / Online premieres: review of “The Card Counter”, by Paul Schrader (Venice)

Oh Jeanne! What a strange road I had to travel to get to you«, Is the last, famous phrase of PICKPOCKET / THE CARTERISTA, the classic film by Robert Bresson, a filmmaker that Paul Schrader has honored and celebrated so many times (in addition to writing a book about him, of course). We are not … Read more

‘The Card Counter’: Paul Schrader Interview on ‘Taxi Driver’ Influence

For his new Oscar Isaac drama, Schrader returns to themes that have been at the center of his work for 45 years. Some filmmakers write a hit movie and spend the ensuing years trying to escape its shadow. Paul Schrader never flinched. Forty-five years after his “Taxi Driver” script put him on the map, the … Read more

Clint Eastwood’s westerner Paul Schrader (taxi driver) is a big fan

Paul Schrader expressed his opinion Crying macho And good reasons for Clint Eastwood to cry. Pronouncing Clint Eastwood, It immediately evokes half a century of American cinema history. 91 and still full of teeth, Grandpa Eastwood moved from silent silent cowboys to a highly respected director with the flexibility worthy of Cirque to Soleil. A … Read more

Paul Schrader plays smart with ‘The Card Counter’

An intense logic underpins the tone of writer/director Paul Schrader’s latest feature, “The Card Counter.” While the film has its eccentricities, occasionally indulging in tangents or dangling threads, it never shows its whole hand and keeps an unreadable poker-face the whole time. At first the film may seem random, but beneath the surface lies an … Read more

Paul Schrader gambles with ‘The Card Counter’ | Movies | Detroit

click to enlarge Focus Features Oscar Isaac and Tiffany Haddish in The Card Counter. Stories of private, inner turmoil need not be narrow; in some ways this has been the story of Paul Schrader’s career. The 75-year old writer of Taxi Driver and director of works ranging from the Detroit-set Blue Collar to American Gigolo … Read more

For Paul Schrader, It All Started on Pauline Kael’s Sofa

Near Columbia University the other day, two young men walked up Broadway balancing a mattress on their heads. “Somebody’s moving up in life,” an observer remarked, from an outdoor café table. The voice—more like a growl piped in from a rough night in 1976—belonged to the filmmaker Paul Schrader. Seventy-five and meaty, with a silver … Read more