Angelina Jolie Wore Heels While Grocery Shopping & It Was So Glam

Everyone has a default outfit they wear when checking off their Sunday list of to-do’s, and celebrities are no exception. Some, like Jennifer Aniston, opt for comfort and choose leggings and oversized hoodies when tackling their weekend chores. While others, who fall on the opposite end of the sartorial spectrum, use a day of running … Read more

Saban Films President Talks Cannes Shopping Spree, Future Plans in ‘Theatrical Business’

There were bigger yachts docked in the harbor at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, but production company Saban Films is returning to Hollywood with more movie acquisitions than any other bidder at this year’s international film market. The division, part of billionaire Haim Saban’s media empire, racked up five total  by the end of the … Read more