How Amazon’s ‘Cinderella’ Falls Short of Being Feminist Retelling

Amazon’s “Cinderella” has been praised as a feminist adaptation of the classic story. However, in order to move the title character’s story forward, Princess Gwen is neglected. Princess Gwen had the potential to be one of the movie’s strong female leads. Loading Something is loading. Warning: Spoilers ahead for Amazon’s “Cinderella.” Amazon’s “Cinderella” premiered on … Read more

Short hair (too) is cool: 10 ideas to dare once and for all

The corte pixie returns strongly for this season and will be worn in multiple ways so it becomes your best bet when it comes to changing your look and choosing one of the haircuts more versatile for this spring summer 2021. They triumph not only over the hair of the celebrities, but also in the … Read more

The short on Leonardo DiCaprio’s Israeli tech investments

Leonardo DiCaprio has made quite a few investments over the years, including some in Israel. When it comes to the Hollywood star’s investments in the Holy Land, it is unclear how much money he actually invested or whether his name really helps yield profits for companies. A decade ago, it was revealed that DiCaprio invested … Read more

Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt Worked Together Once for a Martin Scorsese Short Film

Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio starred in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood. And Viewers quickly noticed the dynamic duo’s new friendship. They were shocked that Pitt and Dicaprio hadn’t worked together before—But they did. The actors starred in a Martin Scorsese short film in 2015. Dicaprio has appeared in several Scorsese movies and … Read more

Fox Searchlight Acquires Matthew Puccini’s ‘Lavender’ Short Film

Fox Searchlight Pictures has acquired the short film “Lavender,” which screened as part of the Shorts Program at the Sundance Film Festival, chairmen Nancy Utley and Stephen Gilula and EVP, global acquisition & co-prod, TCF acquisitions Ray Strache announced Friday. “Lavender” is written and directed by Matthew Puccini. The film will be available on Fox … Read more

Netflix short series for a summer marathon

Sometimes the panorama of a long series ahead with long seasons overwhelms, and it is not about that. We’re looking for light but great miniseries, ready to be gobbled up in a few hours on a quiet summer afternoon. You may discover one that you missed. Bonding There are seven episodes of just a quarter … Read more

For short men: style tips from Hollywood short actors

The short men Hollywood players have the keys to making those who don’t look exactly like basketball players look as cool, elongated, and proportionate as possible, and even to appear taller than they really are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a man shortBut, falling short of height has some downsides when it comes … Read more

Marvel: 5 villainous MCU actors who got their roles right (& 5 who fell short)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced the general public to the incredible heroes of the Marvel Universe. However, on many occasions, the MCU villains have not been treated as well in the movies. This makes sense up to a point – movies are about heroes, after all – but it does serious damage to some … Read more