Sitges Festival Day 8: The tandem Paco Plaza and Carlos Vermut introduce us to ‘La abuela’ – Movie News

Director and screenwriter join forces in a claustrophobic horror film that elevates its protagonist: Almudena Amor. We also commented on the dramas ‘Nitram’ and ‘Here Before’. Paco Plaza is one of the most important gender directors in our country. Author of one of the most terrifying films to hit theaters in recent years, Verónica, the … Read more

Sitges festival rewards ‘Lamb’ supernatural terror

The Sitges festival has surrendered to the haunting Nordic supernatural terror of Lamb, chosen best film by a jury made up of Alaska, Joaquín Reyes, Luna, Antonio Trashorras and Ali Abassi, who have seen a total of 42 titles in competition in the official section during ten intense days. The Icelandic Valdimar Jóhannsson’s debut feature, … Read more

Sitges Festival 2021: Chronicle 3

The Sitges Festival 2021 It is already facing its final stretch, although the programming reserves several highlights between now and Sunday night, including an inevitable closing gala in which the awards of the contest will be awarded, the big screen premiere of the long-awaited ‘The Green Knight’ before its arrival on Prime Video, the screening … Read more

Sitges Festival Day 6: More of the same, but more hilarious, with ‘Halloween Kills’ – Movie News

The serial killer Michael Myers is seen again by the pageant, three years after ‘Halloween night’. We also discussed the failed ‘Antlers’ and ‘Offseason’. If there is an iconic character – along with Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger – that is Michael Myers. Born from the mind of the genius John Carpenter in 1978, and … Read more

Dolce Sitges celebrates WOMENINFAN | Sitges Active

Exhibition of photographs of women who have left their mark on international fantastic cinema Dolce Sitges celebrates WOMENINFAN with an exclusive exhibition of photographs of women who have left their mark on international fantastic cinema The International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia presents WomenInFan, a program for the visibility and incorporation of creative women in … Read more

Sitges 2021 | ‘Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon’: an enchanting story of a fish out of water with the stamp of Ana Lily Amirpour

How damned difficult it is to inaugurate a festival like Sitges. An opening film is key for those attending the contest to start with enthusiasm, energy, good footing and good feelings about the cinematographic marathon that they have ahead and, knowing this, the organization can choose two variants: bet on insurance with a crowd pleaser manual that floods the applause room or risk and catch as many spectators off guard as possible.

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Eleven projects to be presented at the seventh Sitges Pitchbox

08/10/2021 – Six upcoming features and five series, all in the fantastical or horror genre, have been selected to take part in this international event to help them seek out funding Director Aram Garriga, whose project Jane has been selected The Filmarket Hub platform and the Sitges Film Festival have announced the projects partaking in … Read more

Sitges Festival. Day 6: Mia Wasikowska’s Revenge in ‘Judy & Punch’ – Movie News

The Australian actress stars in the behind-the-scenes debut of her compatriot: Mirrah Foulkes. We have also seen the French film, halfway between drama and suspense, ‘L’Angle Mort’. It is not that the chronicler who takes over from the great Alejandro G. Calvo today has great knowledge of Australian cinema. I have a great memory of … Read more