GLOSA: F1 is no longer a seducer after Sunday lunch, give it a chance now –

GLOSA F1 is no longer a seducer after Sunday lunch

Yes, there were years when F1 was predictable, in a number of races without excitement, emotion. And too much of a man’s show. But now it’s different. F1 began to recover from “clinical death” a few seasons ago. It was helped by a new owner, the American company Liberty Media, which took over the championship … Read more

Sparta – Liberec 2: 1, Sparta defeated Liberec and loses five points to the leader Slavia –

Sparta Liberec 2 1 Sparta defeated Liberec and loses

The Letna team, who lost to Slovakia 0: 4 a week ago, thus compensating for their highest defeat in a separate league, entered in special jerseys, which commemorated the 128th anniversary of their founding. The people of Prague wore white jerseys with a distinctive black “S” on the chest. The club thus referred to the … Read more

Alkmaar in Jablonec makes Mihálik sad. For me, it will be a specific match, he admits and bets a draw –

Alkmaar in Jablonec makes Mihalik sad For me it will

He is the first Czech to wear an Alkmaar jersey. He worked in a Dutch city famous for its cheese markets for a year and a half. However, he spent most of his time there with teammates on the field with club physiotherapists. “It simply came to our notice then. I was in their hands … Read more

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