Not one, not two but three shows on stage in Abilene this weekend

It’s difficult to compare Gomez Addams and the biblical character Joseph. But, you have to admit, both have a commanding presence. However, Gomez has Morticia. Who prefers to wear black. Joseph? A coat of many colors. Both characters, one fictional and one not, are in the spotlight this weekend when McMurry and Abilene Christian universities … Read more

Billy Elliot returns to the stage and makes Barcelona dance

Music returns to the streets of big cities and Barcelona reopens its theaters after the pandemic. The next On October 9, Billy Elliot’s El Musical premieres at the Teatre Victòria in Barcelona, the stage adaptation of the well-known 2000 film starring Jamie Bell. The exciting story and staging, as well as a dazzling cast and … Read more

Billiards Icon The Black Widow Competes With Stage IV Ovarian Cancer

“Since completing chemotherapy, I still struggle with chronic pain, nausea, fatigue, and recently, my sciatica is worse than ever. Yet I’M HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!! I love seeing my friends and fans, and I’m so thankful.” That is what billiards legend Jeanette “The Black Widow” Lee had to say earlier this week after returning to … Read more

CM Punk Can’t Stage Dive In NY, Masked Republic Helping Kids Learn Skills | Fight Size Update

Here is your fight size update for Wednesday, September 28, 2021. Related Article Drew McIntyre: It Would Be A Waste Of Time If I Didn’t Inevitably Use The Sword On Someone – The New York State Athletic Commission is anti-stage dive. Sorry, Rochester. The New York State athletic commission does not allow stage dives. #AEWDynamite … Read more

Irish Film and TV Industry Spreads Storytelling Wings on World Stage

Ireland has long been known as a nation of storytellers, home to giants of literature and theater such as Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, W.B. Yeats and James Joyce. In recent years, Ireland’s storytelling tradition has started to thrive in the screen industries too. Indigenous successes include Element Pictures’ films “Room,” directed by Lenny Abrahamson, “The … Read more

Irina Brook’s stage obsession: ‘It’s been 50 years – theatre, theatre, theatre!’ | Theatre

What are memories? Stories we tell ourselves? Do they occupy neatly filed compartments in the brain? Perhaps – as Cicero and others argued – memory is a sort of palace or theatre: an atmospheric space filled with objects pregnant with meaning, or a realist stage set on which figures are forever materialising and disappearing. Inside … Read more

Almost 20 years later, Jennifer Lopez is once again ‘Jenny From the Block’ on stage

Jennifer Lopez He has had a very distinguished career with great musical successes. However, one of his best known songs is definitely ‘Jenny From the Block’, and now he performed it again on stage, showing how it has changed almost two decades later. During this Hispanic Heritage Month, JLo took up this theme not only … Read more

Jesse Eisenberg, his stage fright and 9 curiosities of the actor

Okay, Jesse Eisenberg is not one of those actors that everyone likes. Rather the complete opposite. With the protagonist of ‘The social network’ there are not too many stops in the middle, everything is measured from admiration and respect or something very close to automatic rejection. He is not the only interpreter who arouses this … Read more

Fox59’s Lindy Thackston diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer

Three months after making her return to TV news following a battle with colorectal cancer, Fox59 anchor Lindy Thackston has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. Thackston shared in her podcast, Life with Lindy, and on social media Friday that the colorectal cancer she had been diagnosed with last year had metastasized to her … Read more