David Harbor (‘Stranger Things’) reveals the hardest moments of his life

David Harbour is one of the actors of the moment and it is that since he put himself in the shoes of Hopper in ‘Stranger Things‘David hasn’t stopped for a single moment. The Hawkins Sheriff has given an interview to The Guardian in which he has wanted to talk about many unknown aspects of his … Read more

‘Stranger Things’: Charlie Heaton opens up about his drug incident and if it will affect the series

Last October, Charlie Heaton was deported from the United States when LAX airport authorities found drugs among his belongings. His arrest made the actor unable to attend the premiere of the second season of ‘Stranger Things’ in Los Angeles. In his day, It was the show’s costume designer, Kim Wilcox, who came to the young … Read more

8 Stranger Things songs that made it a favorite Netflix series

In 2016 Netflix revolutionized its catalog by presenting an original production called ‘Stranger Things‘. The series quickly became one of the streaming platform’s favorite television shows. The story, the characters, the setting of the 80s, but above all its soundtrack it became part of popular culture. At Sónica.mx, we present you the best songs of … Read more

The 5 protagonists of Stranger Things and their partners in real life

Stranger Things became one of the sNetflix’s most successful eries. The way they combine Science fiction with the most memorable and iconic aspects of the 80’s (in terms of culture, music, customs and looks), added to a great story made it the favorite series of young and old. Among so much nostalgia and melancholy, the … Read more

Chaos Omitted From English Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Trailer; Fans Still Love How Edgy Jack Is

While Square Enix omitted the word Chaos from a recent Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin trailer, memes are still spreading; with fans loving Jack’s no bullshit attitude. After the debut of the game’s first trailer, fans quickly made a meme of Jack’s insistence on killing chaos. His blind determination and frequent repetition of wanting … Read more

Stranger Things’ David Harbor marries Lily Allen in Las Vegas

Through social networks David Harbor announced his marriage to the British singer Lilly Allen. The couple were encouraged to take the big step through a fairly simple ceremony in Las Vegas, and in a fairly classic chapel in the city. The fans of both have been delighted with the novelty and in the comment box … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown and Jon Bon Jovi’s son, a courtship that fans of ‘Stranger Things’ love

Although he had said that they were best friends, Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi, took a step further in their relationship and are now a couple. Photo: Instagram. Although she had said they were best friends, Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi took another step in their relationship and are now a couple. Photo: … Read more