From minimalist to menocore! The 21 biggest style tribes of 2021 | Fashion

Once upon a time, fashion subcultures were simple: you could see skaters, ravers and goths all milling around your local branch of Woolworths of a Saturday afternoon. But now the style tribes have moved online, and are more likely to be dressing up for TikTok and Instagram than the shops. There has also been a … Read more

Sam Rockwell tells us his five tricks to have a unique style

Getty Images “We are all capable of being heroes or cowards”, he assures in one of his many interviews of the promotion of Three advertisements on the outskirts. Jason Dixon, his alter ego as a police officer, causes the strongest of rejections and the greatest of conversions seen in recent years in the cinema. He … Read more

The analysis, in the style of poker, with which the actor Edward Norton reveals Trump’s strategy to “save his butt”

Actor Edward Norton, famous for his performance in the movie ‘Fight Club’ and other films, posted on his Twitter account a reflection and a call to action in relation to the president’s refusal Donald Trump to accept that he lost the November 3 election to Democrat Joe Biden, to his stubbornness to allege without evidence … Read more

Fall Flicks | Movies | Style Weekly

This was a kooky summer season on the films. So kooky {that a} superhero film by James Gunn was livelier and extra resonant than Leos Carax’s first movie in 9 years. One is tempted to ascribe the weird state of affairs – from the without delay eerie and silly pall of M. Night Shyamalan’s “Old” … Read more

Dingers on dress-up day — Los Angeles Dodgers celebrated their win over the Colorado Rockies in style

Did Halloween come early for the Los Angeles Dodgers? Judging by the team’s social media account, it certainly seems like a possibility. Hours after defeating the Colorado Rockies 7-5 in 10 innings, the team posted festive photos on Twitter. As a continuation of their annual dress-up day tradition, which was made into a team-wide event … Read more

Yalitza Aparicio, more fashionista than ever with a Kardashian-style diamond wig

Yalitza Aparicio continues to surprise us with her participation as an actress and model. In recent days, she participated in a daring photoshoot that has attracted a lot of attention. More fashionista than ever, Yalitza Aparicio looked beautiful with a diamond wig very much like Kardashian, Jlo or Belinda. In addition to being a successful … Read more