The Card Counter is a Disappointing Entry in a Genius’s Filmography – SXU Student Media

Few screenwriters influenced the New Hollywood movement more than Paul Schrader. The writer of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Mishima helped bridge the gap between Hollywood and European cinema. With all this in mind, I was looking forward to watching his latest film, The Card Counter. Boasting Martin Scorsese as executive producer and Oscar Isaac … Read more

‘Malignant’ is a Morbidly Fresh Horror Film – SXU Student Media

James Wan’s Malignant has been one of the most refreshing horror films of the year. I genuinely enjoyed it and recommend all horror fanatics to watch! With Wan’s Malignant being morbidly unique in the horror genre, it’s keeping the horror-franchise alive. This year, and in upcoming years, we have more and more remakes and reboots … Read more

‘Candyman’ is a Beautiful Yet Lacking Film – SXU Student Media

Nia DaCosta’s 2021 reboot-sequel of the iconic horror film ‘Candyman’ is a beautiful, yet lacking film. Two things that keep it from really being a phenomenal film, is that the horror is overshadowed by the oversaturated message of addressing gentrification, and the writing does not tell a consistent, flowing story. The focus seems more on … Read more