Elisabeth Moss achieved her dream, directing The Handmaid’s Tale

Elisabeth Moss was already the lead and executive producer of The Handmaid’s Tale (or The Handmaid’s Tale). But in this season she has also become a director, directing three episodes that show his ability for visual language. (The latest one, Episode 9, premiered Wednesday, June 9, on Hulu and Paramount +.) In episode 3, Elisabeth … Read more

Johnny Depp film sees Minamata pollution issue as cautionary tale

For Hollywood star Johnny Depp, the story of an act of industrial pollution that devastated the southwestern Japanese coastal community of Minamata over half a century ago is one that had to be told, not only for its victims but for current and future generations. The film “Minamata,” which he both produced and stars in, … Read more

Mark Wahlberg saves the planet in a bottomless tale

Ideas regarding reincarnation may have been with humanity almost from its inception. Beyond the religious and philosophical currents, supported in different formats, the question appears sooner or later in the lives of all people: “Do you believe in reincarnation?” Infinite, the latest production from Paramount Pictures Studios, raises the question again on the big screen. … Read more

Did you recognize the girl from ‘The Curse of Hill House’ in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale? Mckenna Grace reappears very changed

The season 4 from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘has been released’ after a long time waiting for it to arrive but the production of this installment had to be paralyzed in early 2020 because of the explosion of the pandemic of the coronavirus. Was the same Elisabeth Moss who ad that the recording had stopped with this … Read more

a festive review of the fairy tale on Amazon that ends up being somewhat irritating despite Camila Cabello’s self-confidence

The fairy tale written by Charles Perrault it has seen several incarnations on the big screen over the years. Especially popular is the animated version of Disney released in 1950, its remarkable live-action adaptation starring Lily James under the command of Kenneth Branagh just six years ago is still quite recent. That was not an … Read more

For Madeline Brewer, The Handmaid’s Tale is a reflection of reality

Just a few days ago, dozens of women dressed in red capes and bright white caps that almost completely covered their faces gathered in Washington DC to protest the hearing in which Brett Kavanaugh, nominated for Supreme Court Judge, would raise his position on various issues related to women’s rights. But this is not the … Read more

The Card Counter: A more hopeful Schrader tale

Review By: Jonathan W. Hickman The refreshing thing about writer/director Paul Schrader’s “The Card Counter” is that it’s not a cautionary tale about addiction. Gambling, alcohol, the highs, the lows are all just part of the production design; it’s the backdrop, or as Schrader puts it, “the perfect milieu” for his tale. Schrader is the … Read more