Watch: Adorable Vin Diesel Family DnD Video With Ruby Rose Cameo

Vin Diesel showed his softer side recently, posting a video on Instagram of his family and actress/model Ruby Rose preparing to play an epic game of Dungeons & Dragons. “Always engage in your creativity,” Diesel says to the camera. “We are about to engage in an epic night of D and D.” The video features … Read more

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What Defines A Handmade Mechanical Watch In The Modern World? – Reprise

To this day, when most people think about luxury watches they picture a little white-haired man in a white lab coat bent over a workbench against the backdrop of snowy Alps busily filing away at watch parts. It’s a lovely picture, but not very representative of the modern – or even necessarily traditional – watch … Read more

How to Watch the New 2021 Horror Movie

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7 actors who don’t watch the shows and movies where they act: even in Marvel it happens

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The 15 best witch movies and series to watch on Netflix

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50 best Netflix movies to watch right now

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What to watch on TV today? Sunday October 17, 2021 | TV

14.00 / Movistar LaLiga Five games of the LaLiga matchday Movistar La Liga broadcasts live the five matches of the day this weekend. The appointment begins with Rayo Vallecano-Elche (14.00). Next will come Celta-Sevilla (16.55). Later, all of them at 18.30, it will be the turn of Villarreal-Osasuna, Levante-Getafe and Barcelona-Valencia. 15.00 / Movistar Classics … Read more

George Clooney Spotted Wearing OMEGA’s Most Underrated Watch Ever

George Clooney is a man of taste. The 60-year-old superstar isn’t just one of the consistently best-dressed men in Hollywood, a purveyor of exceptionally fine tequila and one of a few celebrities whose activism is actually meaningful and not just some performative charade – he’s also got great watches. Of course, it helps that he’s … Read more