Taika Waititi Says He Can’t Wait To Ruin Star Wars With His Movie

Taika Waititi was recognized by critics for his films Hunt for the Wilderpeople – 97% and Interview with vampires – 100%, but worldwide his name became better known after he was commissioned to direct Thor: Ragnarok – 92%, the adventure of the God of Thunder that raised the most money at the box office and that convinced most of the critics with its comical tone that moved away from the seriousness of the two previous Thor installments.

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Now Waititi is working with Lucasfilm on a Star Wars film, the popular, more than 40-year-old franchise that Disney bought in 2012 and whose sequel trilogy divided fans. Featuring Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 92%, fan excitement was through the roof, but with Star Wars: The Last Jedi – 91% the emotion was transformed into a huge disappointment, and although there are people who love that film, those who detest it and those who accuse director Rian Johnson of having ruined the franchise and their childhoods are more notorious.

Waititi is aware that Star Wars fans are not the easiest public to please, and surely when taking into account the criticism he also received for having given a comic touch to Thor: Ragnarok, the filmmaker said on Instagram that he is going to ruin Star Wars. Through his social network, Waititi shared this tweet from the official Star Wars account:

A new Star Wars feature film with acclaimed filmmaker Taika Waititi is in development. Get ready for an unforgettable trip!

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Together he published the image of the Star Wars logo but carved in stone and with his face together, accompanied by this text in a joking tone, which ends with three angry emojis and one of madness:

That?? Ew, as a long time Star Wars fan I’m so mad at what I’m about to do to screw it up.

However, perhaps the fans of the saga are not so angry with Waititi for the film he will make, as in The Mandalorian – 91% the filmmaker played the robot IG-11 and directed episode 8 of the first season, considered by many to be the best of that first batch of episodes.

Waititi’s Star Wars film isn’t coming soon, as he must first finish his work on Thor’s fourth installment, Thor: Love and Thunder. The details of what he might be planning are unknown, we have no idea if he will want to bring Marvel-style comedy to Star Wars, or if he will stick with a tone more like that of The Mandalorian.

Waititi was nominated for multiple Oscars for Jojo Rabbit – 75% and won in the category of Best Adapted Screenplay; His career within Star Wars is just beginning, but in Marvel he already occupies an important place, because in addition to being in charge of the Thor tapes, he plays Korg.

Star Wars has a lot of future ahead of it, 10 series in development were announced yesterday, including one by Lando Calrissian and one by Ahsoka Tano. Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman – 92% will be in charge of a feature film inspired by the life of their father, an aviator pilot.

The division it generated Star Wars: The Last Jedi seems to have been left behind and now fans are gathering around The Mandalorian, the series produced by Jon Favreau that has managed to bring back the best of the first two trilogies and add characters from the animated series such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars y Star Wars Rebels.

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Taika Waititi Says He Can’t Wait To Ruin Star Wars With His Movie