The 10 worst movie extras

Surely everyone yearns for glory, despite the brevity of their appearances, or at least they dream that in the cinema of their town everyone will be surprised to see them appear. But only a few have managed to outshine the protagonists, even for a few moments. It has happened up to Star Wars. We review the cases of 10 movie extras who steal the scene in which they appear.

1. with death on his heels. A child in a key scene puts his hand to his ears before a shot goes off, as if he has psychic powers alerting him to what is about to happen. No wonder Alfred Hitchcock did not like working with children, because there was more talk about them than about their cameo in the same movie.

2. How to be John Malkovich. According to the director, Spike Jonze, a drunk extra was thrown a can of beer at John Malkovich while he was filming a scene in which he was walking down a road. The filmmaker liked the result so much that he decided to leave it in the final cut.

3. The last Samurai. Here, a horse captures the attention, which should have been up to the shoes of being made to repeat the scene, so he unleashes his fury by kicking a poor extra who was next to him. Sometimes this profession is not well paid.

4. Dunkerque. Christopher Nolan showed the great tragedy that this chapter of World War II represented. But at a certain moment, the public cannot help but notice a soldier who seems to be having a great time in the conflict, because he smiles as if he had attended a party.

5. The Dark Knight: The Legend Is Reborn. Nolan must love when his extras get the spotlight. It will be one of his constant authors, because in this film several thugs face Batman at one point, but one of them falls knocked to the ground without the superhero hitting him. Mythical!

6. Million Dollar Baby. When Maggie, the character of Hilary Swank, fights a decisive fight, one of the spectators next to the ring seems excited, making such exaggerated gestures that anyone would say that he has used some type of psychotropic.

7. Shark. When the shark attacks the children who bathe on a beach, the parents jump to the water to help them, terrified, but it seems to bring one of them to the cool that the sea beast gobbles his, because he appears laughing.

8. Everything Must Go. In this little-known title Will Ferrell talks with Laura Dern, while the children in the background seem to have been frozen. It is seen that the director told them to stay still and they took it literally. The moment has a surreal effect.

9. Quantum of Solace. In this James Bond movie, which we all know best as How much sun it is, a guy behind Daniel Craig sweeps the floor with enthusiasm, but it is known that he has already left everything clean enough, so he raises the broom and gives the air a review as well.

10. Star Wars. Imperial stormtroopers from Star Wars They are not distinguished by their incompetence, since they never hit the protagonists with the blaster, and it is very easy to kill them. But you take the cake for stupidity, unable to get through an automatic door without hitting your helmet.


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The 10 worst movie extras