The 5 healthy habits to live longer and better according to Harvard

September is always synonymous with good resolutions, and this year comes full of ideas to carry them out successfully: regarding fitness, we have discovered the leg exercises that eliminate cartridge belts or those with arms that tone up in 8 minutes without the need for weights. As inspiration to start each day with the nutrients that the body needs, Jennifer Aniston shared a few days ago the recipe for your chocolate shake rich in collagen with proven anti-aging benefits. And to put your resolutions into practice healthy backed by science, from Harvard reveal what are the 5 habits that favor longevity. As a preview, sports and a healthy diet are just two of the five keys with which to achieve this, according to a study by the prestigious university on the east coast of the United States.

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To find habits that could support a longer life, researchers at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health collected data from 73,000 women who were studied over 34 years, and more than 38,000 men over 28. After investigating Based on their lifestyle, the study found the similarities shared by those with a longer life expectancy. In addition, the scientists also wanted to know if those extra years were also lived with health and, after interviewing the participants, they came to the conclusion that those who met at least four of these five healthy guidelines enjoyed significant protection against disease for more than ten years cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes or cancer. These are the 5 customs that have been shown to Harvard that improve the quality and time of life:

The 5 keys to longevity, according to Harvard

1. Play sports: Staying active every day for as long as possible is the first. As an idea to fulfill this first point, Harvard recommends the brisk walks for 30 minutes a day, a practice that we recently revealed to you its benefits to lose weight if done at the right speed and combined with strength and endurance training. “There are many studies that show which changes in lifestyle are those that most favor cardiovascular health. Among these changes, we can find exercising regularly, and even at moderate and light intensities,” says Dr. Araceli Boraita, member of the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC).

2. No smoking: The second habit of lengthening life expectancy and quality of life also includes vaping and, although the study only chose those who had never smoked as perfect candidates, Harvard experts highlight that the benefits for those who leave it at any age they are significant.

3. Eat well: Diet is another fundamental pillar to enjoy a longer life and specialists from the American university encourage you to follow a diet rich in fruit, beans, lentils, vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains and sources of essential fatty acids. The rest of the plate is reserved for protein and healthy fats. Regarding the type of foods that should be avoided as far as possible, the ultra-processed ones, those made with refined sugars, carbonated drinks and red meat stand out.

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4. Avoid alcohol: In this section, Harvard recommends responsible consumption and having the daily limits present in any case. They advise a maximum of one drink for women and two for men, based on the ability to metabolize fluid based on gender.

5. Maintain a healthy weight: Finally, specialists remember that achieving weight loss a priori negligible, even a few grams, is associated with a real and positive progress in relation to the health of the body that can reduce the risk of diabetes in individuals prone to developing this disease. To help you know if you are on the right track, the Body Mass Index (BMI) should be kept between 18.5 and 24.9 and is calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms by the height in meters squared.


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The 5 healthy habits to live longer and better according to Harvard