The 5 historical movements that have occurred in the company

It was a historic night for Raw – he already needed it. Big E became the new WWE champion, the greatest achievement in the company. Peeeeeero, it was not the only thing, because the return of the Draft between both brands was announced by the company.

October will be the month in which brands live their wrestling changes and if they are not very clear about what the WWE Draft is. Raw and SmackDown are the brands of the company and there are exclusive fighters of each brand, on the night of the Draft there are some changes that can be made (regardless of whether they are champions or not)

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In case a champion moves from one brand to another, there would be two options: the title is vacated and someone else opts for him or the other champion of the brand will be a safe move in the Draft. For instance, If Universal Champion Roman Reigns is drafted to Raw, Big E would go to SmackDown to hold the equally relevant championship on Raw.

The equivalence is as follows: The SmackDown Tag Team Championship is equal to the Raw Tag Team Championship. The Raw Women’s Champion is equivalent to the SmackDown Women’s Champion. The Intercontinental Champion is equal to the United States Champion.

When is the WWE Draft? During the Raw on September 13, ad the official date for the event between brands. It will be two moches and it will begin on the SmackDown on October 1 and the second night will be on Raw on October 4So, keep saving the date.

Stephanie McMahon in the 2016 WWE Draft

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The historical moves of the WWE Draft

John Cena en 2005 – SmackDown a Raw

Wrestlemania 21 was a more significant event, the young talents snatched the torch from the champions of SmackDown and Raw. John Cena did it for the blue brand by beating JBL and winning the WWE Championship, while Batista – better known as Drax – beat Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship at the red mark.

But luck would unite them momentarily on Raw. Chris Jericho announced a move in the Draft during his segment “The Highlight Reel” and was nothing more and nothing less than John Cena, the SmackDown champion, but now on Raw. There were two champions on the red mark at the same time.

It stayed that way for a long time, in fact, before in WWE, pay-per-view events were exclusive to brands, for example, No Mercy was from Raw and only those of the red brand fought. 2005’s Vengeance was exclusive to Raw and was the first to have a match for the top two WWE championships..

Batista would go to SmackDown a few days later with the World Heavyweight Championship and John Cena would become the face of the company after the move in the WWE Draft in 2005.

The Rock en 2002 – SmackDown

After the rivalry between members of the McMahon family, in which WWE bought their competition in WCW and ECW, there was a lot of talent for two brands and before there was no exclusivity, so, when Ric Flair “bought” Shane and Stephanie McMahon’s shares after Survivor Series 2001, became a Co-owner of the company along with Vince – but it was just the story that followed.

By 2002 they would reach an agreement that each would manage a brand. Flair on Raw and McMahon on SmackDown. In the first ever Draft in WWE history, the first pick was for Vince (and all the wrestlers were free agents, so to speak). The Rock was the first man in WWE history to be drafted and it was for Vince’s SmackDown..

The Miz en 2009 – ECW a Raw

Surely, The Miz is one of the most controversial characters in WWE history and less loved by wrestling fans, peeeeeeero his success came thanks to this rebrand in 2009. He began his solo career.

The same night he left John Morrison and switched from ECW to Raw was the start of one of the trademark badass of the last 15 years and he loved the role he played. He got the Money in the Bank a few months later, he won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton.

He starred in a Wrestlemania against John Cena and won -although with the help of The Rock- and his career took off to be one of the most successful in recent years with many titles and many main events starring.

John Cena en 2011 – Raw a SmackDown y de SmackDown a Raw

One of the craziest Draft nights in WWE history, the Draft was carried out according to the fights that each brand won. So if a SmackDown fighter won over a Raw one, he had a Draft pick for his brand and vice versa.

SmackDown stole John Cena in 2011 at the start of the night, Raw’s face left the mark and it was uncertain for all the fans of the red mark about what was next in the future for everyone in the show and an atmosphere of sadness was already perceived during the remainder of the show.

But those Raw fans who were sad that John Cena was leaving, they got their award when CM Punk won a battle royal and would get two Draft picks for Raw and one of them would be John Cena. The superstar returned to the red mark in the same Draft in which he left for SmackDown.

Roman Reigns en 2019 – Raw a SmackDown

A new era was beginning to take place within WWE and it was a surprise when AJ Styles appeared on Raw as a new member of the red squad and SmackDown was weakened by the departure of the “Phenomenal” towards the competition.

Peeero, the SmackDown show would arrive and while Elias was doing a promo with Vince McMahon, the music of the new member of the blue brand sounded. It was Roman Reigns, the “Big Dog” was one of the picks from the SmackDown Draft.

And in 2019 he was already one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history – although many fans may think otherwise – but Since his return at SummerSlam 2020, he has become the face of the company as a whole and no one has been able to dethrone him as a champion..

His popularity as a badass, he’s gone to heaven and That 2019 Draft move is one of the most significant and important in WWE.

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The 5 historical movements that have occurred in the company