The black suit and the 4 cool ways to wear it, from Jaime Lorente to Rami Malek

Jaime Lorente, Rami Malek, Nicholas Hoult and Timothee Chalamet They love the black suit, and that is because it is a classic outfit that you can wear to all kinds of events and that can make you look great if you know how to use it correctly.

At Venice Film Festival, the actors have to go through the red carpet with their most formal and elegant looks, and the classic black suit has become the perfect and favorite ally. It’s easy to wear, but it can also be creative and interesting, and there are a number of ways it can be used to make it stand out for the best reasons (and so that the wearer doesn’t end up being one of the bunch).

We are about to reach 2022 and that means that you can wear whatever you want, but you have to know that although there are certain dress codes that must be respected, that does not mean that you can not put in a little creativity and personality.

The classics are worth sticking with, with what works and has worked for generations. The black suit has sex appeal, is attractive, imposing and powerful (that’s why Quentin Tarantino chose him for some of his best characters, and John Wick he also prefers it), but nobody says that it cannot be different or more striking, you just have to change some details.

The 4 ways to wear the black suit:

Rami Malek’s black suit

The villain of No Time to Die arrived in Venice with a look worthy of James Bond. Malek went for the classic look, but what makes it special, and what we all need to learn, are the details.

Do you want the black suit to look modern and current? Go for a little shorter pants (this allows your socks to show, so choose the ones you are going to wear carefully), a slimmer tie and a slim silhouette that will make you look taller and slimmer.

Jaime Lorente’s black suit

Jaime Lorente

© Mondadori Portfolio

You can be stylish and relaxed at the same time, if you wear the black suit like the actor who plays Denver in The Money Heist.

This is an all black look that is very sophisticated, but becomes a bit more casual and relaxed by removing the tie entirely and leaving some shirt buttons open. Remember that there is a limit, as leaving too many buttons undone is only going to make you look ridiculous.

Nicholas Hoult’s black suit

Nicholas Hoult

© Stefania D’Alessandro

The double breasted suit is always more elegant, but it doesn’t have to be too serious, and there is a right way to get it to make you look young.

In the case of Nicholas HoultHis suit has a silk lapel to make it look a little more special, but he wears a mandarin collar shirt and no tie to give it a different touch. It is still a very elegant look, but without falling into the same old playing with the textures to be more interesting.

Timothée Chalamet’s black suit

Ok, this is not exactly a suit, but there is a very important point that can be learned from the futuristic look of Timothée Chalamet, that surely inspired by the character he plays in Dune.

A suit does not necessarily have to have a jacket and tie, it can have a jacket or even a different sweater, but, to achieve that elegant effect, you must wear the same material in the garments and choose something with a little shine to make it look more high. And finishing with some classic boots is a great idea.

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The black suit and the 4 cool ways to wear it, from Jaime Lorente to Rami Malek