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In recent years, “The spell”Has been one of the horror film productions that has caused the most impact in the world. In this third installment, the director of the film, Michael Chaves explains the reason that led him to eliminate one of the demonic characters in the story.

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On “The Conjuring 3: the devil who made him do it”, we see that Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return to the scene with their characters from Ed y Lorraine Warren, popularized as paranormal investigators. Perhaps what makes a difference between the latest edition and the previous ones is that here it is not recorded in a haunted house and neither is a demon presented as the main enemy.

The story of “The Conjuring” 3 lies in the fact that the Glatzel, who ask a couple of demonologists from the United States for help, with the sole mission of removing the demon that had gotten into the body of their little son, David, who was only 10 year old. The investigators manage to remove the evil being from the body of the creature, but before finishing the operation, a demon entered the body of Arne, the boy’s sister’s boyfriend.

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As all the followers of “The Conjuring” knew, the initial plan of Michael Chaves, director of the film, was to include a demonic character. In an interview with ‘Collider’, the filmmaker revealed the reason why he decided to eliminate this creature from history; although he pointed out that it was someone “incredible and interesting.”

“When we were testing the film, what we found is that you want the film to come up to resolution, be in focus, and offer an easy explanation that makes sense. The demon we had was amazing and interesting and true, true to the stories of David Glatzel and Arne “, said Chaves.

In the third main installment of the “The Conjuring” saga, Ed and Lorraine Warren will have to investigate the case of a young murderer who blames his criminal acts on an infernal possession. (Source: Warner Bros Pictures)


“They both described this creature that was chasing them. But it just didn’t fit the movie. It was too complicated. He was that kind of character that, who knows? Maybe he’ll make his way into another ‘The Conjuring’ movie. But it was the kind of thing that, if we were all relentlessly committed to spinning off the movies, we probably would have kept it. “explained the director.


As has happened with major productions around the world, “El Conjuro” 3 had to move its entire recording plan due to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus at the beginning of 2020. The production had agreed to the premiere for September of that year , but finally with all the changes it was released on June 4, 2021.

During the first weeks of release, "The spell" 3 grossed more than $ 20 million (Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)
During its first weeks of release, “The Conjuring” 3 grossed more than $ 20 million (Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)


While Arne is tormented by the Occultist in jail, the Warrens discover a witch totem underneath in the Glatzels’ house and this leads them to Kastner, who previously cared for the ‘Disciples of the Ram’ cult and explains that the only target of the person who left that cursed artifact is to create chaos.

Later, the Warrens discover that the Occultist is Lola, the daughter that Kastner secretly raised, and that to end the curse it is necessary to destroy the main altar. When Lorraine enters the tunnels to do the latter, the occultist murders her father, tries to get Arnie to commit suicide, and possesses Ed again.

Despite the Occultist’s attempts, the Warren’s love is stronger and Lorraine manages to free Ed, who destroys the altar and saves those who were in danger at the time. However, the demon needs the soul that was promised to him, so he takes Lola. Meanwhile, Arne is sentenced for involuntary manslaughter to five years in prison.


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The Conjuring 3: which demonic character was removed from the film and why | Movies | Michael Chaves nnda-nnlt | FAME