the interstellar adventure that is a hit on Netflix

In the first moment, Space sweepers remember to Elysium, the 2013 film with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster where, in the distant future, the richest people on Earth live in a perfect place in the middle of space and away from it all.

And in this South Korean film, which has just been released on Netflix, the wealthiest people are the only ones who can access a kind of Eden in the middle of space, a green and pollution-free habitat.

Is he year 2092 and on Earth it is already uninhabitable: the forests are dying, the desert is spreading and the acidic soil causes the plants to disappear. That is why the mega-corporation UTS, led by the unscrupulous businessman James Sullivan (Richard Armitage), create this place off the planet and where the most privileged come to live.

Meanwhile, the poorest people remain on Earth, living amidst pollution and lack of resources.

Also, the perfect communities that UTS creates come at a cost and that is the large amount of radioactive scrap floating through space. To eliminate it, there are groups of space sweepers, who collect this technological garbage and sell it for some money.

Among them is a group made up of three Koreans: Captain Jang (Kim Tae-ri), Tae-ho (Song Joong-Ki) and Tiger Park (Seon-kyu Jin), as well as a nice android (Hae-Jin Yoo) .

They live alongside other people in a factory that also floats through space, but without the luxuries of the communities created by UTS.

Lost in space

Space sweepers | Netflix

One day these space sweepers They find a little girl named Kang Kot-nim. They soon realize that it is actually Dorothy, a humanoid girl the one they’ve been looking for for a long time.

That, because inside would own a destructive hydrogen bomb. In addition, it has a built-in nanotechnology that allows it to regenerate plant life and that is why it would also be a hope for the earth.

At first, they try to collect a reward for her. But then they become fond of the girl and go on an adventure to protect her from all those who are looking for her, especially the UTS corporation.

This is how it develops in Space sweepers an interstellar adventure, which a couple of days after its premiere on Netflix, went straight to1st place of the most viewed titles on the streaming platform and not only in his home country, South Korea, but also in several others.

In their compelling special effects You can see the great investment in this movie by science fiction, which also has elements of action cinema, adventure and some humor.

But at times, his story becomes convoluted when wanting to cover so many concepts -from the injustices of capitalism to environmentalism- and in a footage of more than hours with minutes to spare. All of this makes the film sometimes feel without a clear direction, just like the junk that its space sweepers collect.

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the interstellar adventure that is a hit on Netflix