the mother of all inclusive language battles

The season of the ones who hate the ones who say September. Month nine of the calendar is not just a month: it is the mother of all language battles. We are probably talking about the most discriminated word in the history of the Royal Spanish Academy. From the first victim of grammatical bullying.

All those people and generations related to the inclusive language who say September with “p” will be designated as hippies with Osde.

The truth is, saying September sounds worse than saying “shit” or any other bad word. Maybe it’s a question of status. Inclusive language, which aims to change everything, kick the board and belong, should do something for the history of a term that, officially understood by the language, continues to be excluded and segregated each time it has to appear in the almanac.

A scholar of the subject whispers to us that the fact that the inclusive language does not include those who want to speak in Spanish, but “September”, which has been part of the stable supply of words since 1800, suffers from the mere existence of a meaning labeled as fat or rudimentary.

The Argentine Alpargatas factory, which commissioned Molina Campos with its almanacs, always opted for September with “p”.

To be or not to be cultured

“In the cultic use the etymological form September is decidedly preferred”, maintains the Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of Doubts of the RAE.

September was born for the slap: its mere mention without the “p” brings stirring currents of indignation. “It’s like saying helicotero”.

Borges wrote “September” because he surreptitiously advocated for minorities. He used his pronghorn sense to provoke. Bioy was bothered by horrors. “When Borges proposes September, I hit him back. My anger is excessive because what I defend is class phonetics “, said the author of The invention of Morel.

In Peronism, “September” was always used. There’s a #teamseptiember who has radicalized ways of Javier Milei and at this point in the year he is an insatiable militant on social media: I hate those who say September. I am in favor of a qualified vote to prevent those who say September from voting. Those who say September will go to prison.

“The epic rains of September” is the metaphor that Borges used to erase the etymological traces and speak of the coup d’état on September 16, 1955.

What is lost

“When they removed the p, I seemed to lose spring, “wrote the poet Maria del Carmen Rourich.

September or September come from “seventh”. That was the place that the month had in the calendar that the Romans invented to separate time from space. It started in March. It came from Latin septembrem and seven (seven).

When the current Gregorian calendar took over, September, October, November, and December were nominally misplaced, although this doesn’t seem to matter too much to anyone.

What about the P? With the P dad’s not played? What if the P it was just an undercover agent of the Patriarchate? From her charming “Viejo Smoking” newsletter, the writer Cecilia paragraph he begs us: “September with p, please.”

What a sad existence that of September. On the one hand, it is the month of butterflies on the chest, spring, flowers, the most popular month of the 12 that we know: popular because it accepts to be mentioned in two different ways. Unique in its kind.

And on the other, poor thing, it is a month accused of a certain phonetic relaxation. Marginalized by social classes, it is usually a letter of introduction that allows us to imagine a “dotor”, an “architect”, an “update”.

Modification for laziness

“José Luis Moure, today president or vice-president, I don’t know, of the Academy of Letters said that words are being modified more than anything because of laziness, the laziness of pronouncing all the letters”, we dice paragraph, persistent agitator of the P. “Although there are some losses that one celebrates, for example the b for obscuro, the p of September I personally do not want to lose it, and neither is psychiatry. And since we are here, folklore with c bothers me ”.

But let’s go to the most important source of all: the Pirelli calendar who undressed -artistically- Kate Moss and Milla Jovovich, among other models, has a clear position taken. Reviewing its historical archives, we observe that the tire brand defined an elitist characteristic for the luck of the ninth month: “September” with p.

Spring Day hides unimaginable linguistic miseries.  Is it September 21 or September?

Spring Day hides unimaginable linguistic miseries. Is it September 21 or September?

Montevideo, Uruguay, EPS news agency: The Ministry of Culture of Uruguay will issue a statement through which it will be required to the different levels of education in that country, which refer to the ninth of the year using the term “September” and not “September”, as it is currently.

It seems that in the Spanish of Uruguay, there is a manifest tendency to say September. They assume that it is due to the rule of the Portuguese language, where that month of the year does not have the letter “p”.

The dispute originated once again in the brother country, where now they say that “it is a good pimp for the teacher to put the” p “in September.” So much so that “Whoever says September should have a Uruguayan card”.

According to our correspondent in Uruguay, September with p is from Buenos Aires, “from the same people who say pecsi O whip”. The truth is that the crowd of praise for the season of love and the little flowers turns out to be a functional screen to the melodrama that hides a certain type of pronunciation.

October can also be “October”. Yes, it is the old variant allowed, but nobody writes October. Only September suffers the torment in silence.

It was a trend on Twitter as soon as the month started: SEPTEMBER 33.3%, SEPTEMBER, 66.7%.

Month of nominal diversity, the Royal Academy indicates that “September” is the preferred form in scholarly use, “The majesty of use”, he points out, although September is not considered wrong. Anyway, we are talking about the RAE, the same as suggests writing “whiskey” instead of “whiskey”.

“Otubre is in the dictionary, but the RAE qualifies it as” unusual. ” The truth is, I don’t know why he’s leaving it ”, protests the renowned professor Esteban Gimenez, teacher, linguist and lexicologist.

“There are many controversial decisions of the Academy that have provoked adverse reactions among the people of Letters: from the admission as valid of the regular participle of ‘print’ (printed) to the writing without ‘p’ in the participles of the derived verbs to ‘write’ (inscribed, described, transcribed), as legal as inscribed, described, transcribed ”.

Not to mention the elimination of the initial ‘s’ in words such as psychology, pseudonym, psychasthenia, etc., of which his writing without it admits. And of course, the well-known ones, and analyzed ad nauseam, cases of almóndiga (for ‘meatball’), bat (for bat), ovio (for ‘obvious’), two hundred and three hundred (for ‘two hundred’ and ‘three hundred’) , all words included in the official dictionary ”.

-But, teacher, Borges said “September” …

-And … he took certain licenses that later became rules.



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the mother of all inclusive language battles