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Last call to enjoy, on the platform, titles such as ‘La La Land’, ‘Green Lantern’ and ‘Seduction’.

Week after week, dozens of movie titles arrive on Netflix to delight its subscribers. In September, the platform incorporates films such as Fifty Shadows Liberated, The Invisible Thread and The Scandal into its catalog. But as “everything that comes, goes,” this month will also have to say goodbye to several feature films, which joined the streaming giant months ago.

Maybe you didn’t know they were on the platform or you had them in mind to see later, not knowing that they will soon be saying goodbye forever. So that later you do not put your hands to your head, we will tell you what they are the movies that will leave Netflix before fall comes. Don’t wait any longer and enjoy The City of Stars today. La La Land, The Son or The Seduction!

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‘The city of stars. La La Land ‘

If you haven’t seen yet The city of stars. La La LandDon’t wait any longer to do it because in just a few days it says goodbye to the Netflix catalog. The six-time Oscar-winning musical is one of those titles that is perfect to watch anytime. For example, tonight while enjoying a delicious dinner, or perhaps after it, lying on your sofa. And it is that the film starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone will make you travel to that idyllic city of stars, where dreams “almost” always come true.

Directed by Damien Chazelle, the film introduces us to Mia (Stone), a young aspiring actress, who earns her salary in the cafeteria of one of the Hollywood studios; and Sebastian (Gosling), a jazz musician who is going through a bad time. When their lives intersect, their lives change forever. Between dances in the light of the stars, they imagine what that idyllic life that they have always dreamed of would be like.

Expira de Netflix: September 9

‘Scary stories to tell in the dark’

Another of the feature films that you will not be able to see again, on Netflix, will soon be Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. If you are a fan of terror, André Øvredal’s feature film, produced by Guillermo del Toro, cannot be missing from your filmography.

The film is inspired by the series of homonymous novels written by Alvin Schwartz in the early 1980s, of the 20th century. The plot takes us back to 1968, in the middle of Halloween night. A group of teenagers from Mill Valley pluck up the courage to try to discover what is behind a series of deaths and disappearances that have occurred in the town. In their search, they find a mysterious book with terrifying stories, which apparently tormented its author years ago, the young Sarah, a member of the Bellows family, always haunted by drama.

Expira de Netflix: September 8th

‘American Beauty’

One of the essential titles of the late 90s will also say goodbye to the streaming giant in the coming days. We are referring to American Beauty, the film by Sam Mendes, winner of five Oscars – including Best Picture and Best Director – which we encourage you to discover, if you haven’t already.

Starring Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, Thora Birch and Mena Suvari, the film tells the story of the seemingly idyllic Burnhamm family, made up of Lester and Carolyn, and their daughter, Jane. Happiness at home has its days numbered, when Lester, in the midst of a mid-40s crisis and tired of his job and his wife, looks at Jane’s best friend. His mind leads him to experience experiences that trigger a real tragedy in the family nucleus.

Expira de Netflix: September, 10th

‘Green Lantern’

This September also leaves the platform, Green Lantern (Green Lantern), the film starring Ryan Reynolds, inspired by the well-known DC Comics superhero. Without a doubt, a perfect title to enjoy in your leisure time after a long day of work or study.

Directed by Martin Campbell, and scripted by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, the feature follows Hal Jordan, an ego-soaring test pilot who lives in the city of Coast City. take a radical turn when a strange ring comes to his hands, which grants him a series of superpowers. Some powers that you must use to save the Earth from the clutches of the evil Parallax. Something that will not be an easy task, because before you must learn to start them.

Expira de Netflix: September 12

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‘The son’

Another horror title that says goodbye to Netflix is The son, the film produced by James Gunn. If you know the history of Superman, the premise of the film directed by David Yarovesky will be familiar to you, with the exception that its protagonist, instead of saving humanity, intends to end it.

Elizabeth Banks and David Denman play the Breyer couple. For years the couple has been dreaming of the idea of ​​becoming parents. A dream that comes true when a baby they call Brandon falls from the sky. As the little one begins to grow, they discover that he has special abilities. But it won’t take long for them to realize that evil runs through their son’s veins, and that his powers are not meant to do good.

Expira de Netflix: September 12

‘The seduction’

The belt of Sofia Coppola, Seduction, is another of the titles that you should have already seen. And if you haven’t done it yet, don’t wait any longer because it will soon disappear from the Netflix catalog. The film, written by Coppola herself, in collaboration with Thomas Cullinan, is a remake of the film The Seducer, starring Clint Eastwood, in 1971.

Set in the middle of the American Civil War, the story takes place within the four walls of a girls’ school. Until there, one of his students, takes a wounded soldier who has found during one of his outings. His first days there, everything seems perfect, and as he begins to recover he dedicates himself to seducing the young women who reside in the center. His situation changes when after an incident, he receives a lesson that will mark him until the end of his days. Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning and Colin Farrell lead the cast of the film.

Expira de Netflix: September 12

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