The new Ninja Turtles already have a human face … and lips

We present you the first images of what will be the new ninja turtles of the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, whose premiere is expected on August 8, 2014. What do you think?

Alan Ritchson and Megan Fox during filming.

News of the new ninja turtles movie begins to appear, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, film directed by Jonathan Liebesman, author of somewhat infamous films like Wrath of the Titans e Invasion: Earth. And it is that the news of this film appears dropper, and, honestly, they cause panic attacks every time they are heard. Let’s do a little review of what we know to date.

It was in 2009, shortly before the rights to Nickelodeon from the well-known franchise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, that it was announced that a new film of our sugar cane turtles would see the light. Since then little movement and little news. Two years later, production was handed over to Michael Bay (Transformers) and the production company Platinum Dunes, and in 2012 the possible plot was announced, which left more than one somewhat disturbed. The same, announced by Bay himself, was based on the fact that the turtles would be of “An alien race” (someone’s brain is drying up) and that they would face an alien invasion.

Shredder sketches.

The consequent reaction was soon heard and the fan community fell on him with threats and complaints, stating that Bay he was practically sodomizing the franchise. As a result of this, the producer requested calm before the fans, stating that the final script had not yet been revealed and that it was not closed. The month of August of the same year announced the plot, by which the turtles would be “Warrior turtles from another dimension”, like the teacher Splinter, and that the bad guy would be Shredder (Colonel Schrader apparently), a government agent whose real identity is alien, and who has the ability to grow blades and blades from his body.

The casting was released a long time ago: Alan Ritchson (the handsome of The Hunger Games Catching Fire), Pete Ploszek, Noel Fisher (both appeared in the series Shameless) and Jeremy Howard (a complete stranger) they would interpret the leading quartet. These would be accompanied by the monophacetic Megan Fox Interpreting April (the truth is that it suits him like a glove), William Fichtner (The Dark Knight, Elysium) as Shredder and Whoopi Goldberg like April’s boss from Channel 9, but in a “female” version.

Ninja Turtles with lips. Don’t you hate them?

Filming began in March of last year and, although it closed in August, additional scenes were filmed in November, which, added to the rest of the chaos that this film carries behind it, leaves the staff, server included, a bit restless.

Meanwhile, some images are filtered (that Paramount has already been removing) where our favorite turtles and Shredder appear, all quite cool, really. In reality, the only somewhat astringent photo is precisely the one they have marketed themselves: A poster where you can see the main quartet and their faces … With human lips? Why??

Apparently, we will have to wait for the final result to know if the wait has been worth it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is scheduled to premiere in the US on August 8, 2014.

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The new Ninja Turtles already have a human face … and lips