The photos of the directors and actresses that you did not know are trans

Caitlyn Jenner started a conversation that would change the film industry and the lives of thousands of transgender people around the world forever. The woman previously identified as Bruce, winner of multiple Olympic awards decided to carry out her gender transition operation, appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, awakening a conversation that would lead to a wave of trans characters who would fight for their rights and their place in the screen were defended.


The following are some of the more recognizable names who also decided to transition into a spotlight smaller than Jenner’s but who have had the same impact on the industry, inspiring others to accept themselves for who they are and to try to achieve their dreams. , regardless of other people’s prejudices.

Lana Wachowski – Director


Named Laurence Wachowski at the time of her birth, Lana Wachowski directed with her sister the trilogy of Matrix, V for Vendetta before undergoing his physical transformation in 2008 shortly after the release of Speed Racer. After her transition, she made various statements where she claimed to have had suicidal thoughts in her youth due to having problems with her gender identity, and that the change genuinely changed her life. Now, together with her sister, she supports the trans community and does everything possible to include her in her projects.

Lilly Wachowski – Directora


Lana’s sister, Lilly, was named Andrew when she was born, and she also identified as trans at an advanced age, after dealing with insecurity issues. Her transition took place almost a decade after her sister’s and when she revealed it, she admitted to being trans her entire life.

Alexis Arquette – Actress


A member of the Arquette family, Alexis grew up with the name Robert but from his teens preferred to take on female roles and identified as one. Discarding the kind of fame her siblings had, she decided to focus on a style drag and cabaret, creating unique presentations. Although she didn’t make her formal transition until she was in her late 40s, she always introduced herself as a woman, and supported other trans celebrities who made their change. At a young age he contracted AIDS, which caused health problems, which led to his early death at the age of 47.

Chaz Bono – Writer, musician, actor


Chaz Bono is the son of Cher and Sonny Bono, the famous singers, and like them he pursued a musical career at a young age. At age 26, she identified as a lesbian and began to be a spokesperson for the LGBT community, and finally in 2008 began to make a formal transition. Since then, she continues to support people who suffer from conflicts with their sexual identity and has participated in various film and television appearances.

Chelsea Manning – Politician, activist, former soldier in the United States Army.


From a young age, Chelsea Manning (called Bradley in her youth) identified as a woman, and stated that as a child she wanted to transition. She became known around the world after she leaked thousands of documents to WikiLeaks, exposing her country’s government. She was jailed for seven years and when she got out of prison she finally decided to make the change, recently running for senator in the 2018 election, but lost to the Republican party candidate.

Trace Lysette – Actriz


One of the recurring characters in the Amazon series Transparent en Trace Lysette, an actress who made her transition from a young age and is one of the first actresses to have a non-trans role in a television series, making her an inspirational figure for the community that identifies as her. Lately she gained prominence because she was one of the actresses who denounced the sexual harassment of her co-worker Jeffrey Tambor.

Carmen Carrera – Model, actress


Carmen Carrera gained fame when she participated in RuPaul’s Drag Race, competing identifying herself as a gay man, but when her participation ended, she made a transition and was the first trans model to be hired by Elite Model Management, one of the most important agencies in the United States. , which has allowed him to carry out different campaigns. On top of that, she is a fervent activist for the rights of the LGBTQ + community.

Laverne Cox – Actress


Prominent member of Orange is the New Black She is the first trans woman to win an Emmy Award as a producer on her show. The T Word where she talks openly about her experience transitioning, and her life as a trans. Like many of the names on this list, she is a strong advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ + community, and has become an icon for all who seek to enter the film industry, without suffering any form of discrimination.

Elliot Page – Actor

The actor of movies like Juno or newer in the Netflix series Umbrella Academy For several years he became an advocate and spokesperson for the LGBTQ + community, however, he recently declared his truth through social networks as well as presenting himself to the world by his new name: Elliot, a difficult task that as well as many others This list was greeted with praise and celebration, as well as much misunderstanding and criticism. Although his physical change has not been as radical as others in this list, we know that the simple fact of being able to recognize in front of the whole world who you really are is a titanic task that should not be underestimated.

elliot pagePhoto: BAKOUNINE /

These people suffered different types of identity problems before deciding to accept and change, for that reason they fight to inspire. They do not want anyone else to feel their confusion and invite everyone to open up and accept themselves for who they are, without fear of what people will think, showing that we need more acceptance in this world and less rejection.

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The photos of the directors and actresses that you did not know are trans