The real reason Will Smith won’t appear in the Suicide Squad revealed

Suicide Squad – 25% has almost certainly been the worst disappointment of DC in recent years. When the brand sought to create a universe similar to that of Marvel, this film promised to achieve what the competition did not: a more mature and bloody project that would appeal to those fans who could not satisfy themselves with the classic adaptations. Of course, many began to suspect the worst when the actors spoke highly of the product as it was revealed that the production company was making major changes to editing and reshoots. Things got worse when the first trailer was perceived as more of a music video than a true trailer and fans didn’t know whether to get excited or prepare for the worst.

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Furthermore, all the rumors surrounding Jared Leto’s appearance as Joker they definitely affected the expectations of many. Eventually the film was released and the negative comments did not wait. Sure, several loyal followers sought to defend it by all possible means, but the truth is that the result is chaos that proves the real consequences of the intervention of Warner. A poorly written script will hardly be saved by a distrustful production company.

The good news came later when DC decided to breathe new life into these characters with The Suicide Squad – 91%, now from the hand of James Gunn, known for directing Guardians of the Galaxy – 91% and for being a big fan of comics. The idea was to repair the damage by making a kind of sequel-revival-remake that would allow us to explore the story as it deserves. Of course, the logical thing was to have those elements of the cast that the public did welcome from the first time, such as Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Viola Davis.

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Although Robbie maintains the idea of ​​exploring Harley Quinn and Davis had no trouble returning to his role as Amanda Waller, Smith was the one who surprised everyone when he didn’t come back as Bloodshot. It was first believed that Idris Elba would replace him, but later it was revealed that he will give life to Bloodsport, known for trying to kill Superman with a kryptonite bullet. What happened to Will Smith then? In a recent interview for the producer Peter Safran clarified that the real reason was that Smith was simply not available:

We discussed it. But I think the problem with Will was more because of his schedule than anything else. We knew we should start filming in September, because, to be honest, we knew before others that James [Gunn] would return to do Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

So it was really important to start filming when we did and Will was not available.

The first rumor was that the actor made his return conditional on the franchise adding his son Jaden Smith. This supposed whim would not represent the first time that the father has given his son a job. The Karate Kid – 66% was produced by Smith for Jaden to star in, and the two worked together as leads in Pursuit of Happiness – 67% and After Earth – eleven%. Although The Suicide Squad intends to totally get away from Suicide Squad, basically as if he didn’t exist, Smith could still come back. In fact, there was a time when there was talk of a solo tape of Deadshot, so if things turn out well and the actor has time to return in the near future we could see the character one more time.

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The real reason Will Smith won’t appear in the Suicide Squad revealed