The scenes arouse disgust: “An asshole and a woman abuser” • See clip

Anger in the handball world after the pictures of Gheorghe Tadici

Gheorghe Tadici slipped and slithered in the wet grass.

Now several Swedish handball profiles are raising their voices for the 69-year-old coach to be stopped.

– An asshole and a woman abuser, says Per Johansson.

The Romanian handball coach is again in the spotlight for how he treats his players.

Several clips have been spread from the league meeting between Zalău and Vâlcea last week where Gheorghe Tadici, Zalău’s coach, grabbed one of his players, shouted at her before throwing her towards the bench.

Former national team captain Sabina Jacobsen, 32, plays for Dunarea Brăila in the Romanian league.

– It has been going on for many years and he has treated his players like this for many years as well. This is not the first time this has happened and he is unfortunately allowed to continue, the union unfortunately does nothing about the situation, he still has a lot of power in the union and can influence judges and such as well, she says.


What do you think about him being allowed to continue as he does?

– It is obviously tragic, it should not work that way. You feel a resignation that it can only continue simply. All teams in Romania know that in Zalău they pay the referees. There is as much evidence as possible in matches where the referees judge the other team each time. It is always Zalău who gets the advantage when they get at home, it is very strange that it continues year after year after year and that he has that power at home. But as I said, the union does nothing about the situation, it is somewhere where I feel it must begin, it is the union that must take responsibility for this and not let him behave as he does.

Tadici still has a strong grip on Romanian handball and was also the national team captain for many years. In addition, the hall in Zalău is named after him. He recently returned from a four-match suspension (which would have been eight, but was appealed) for degrading violence both mentally and verbally – targeting his own players.

– There is a lot of talk, I do not think there is any foreign player who would go to that team, definitely not. It is almost only Romanian players who are there. I can not understand how you want to play under him, says Jacobsen.

“The pen list strikes again”

Like Jacobsen, Per Johansson also has a past in CSM Bucharest (Jacobsen two years in Bucharest previously) as a coach. The 51-year-old is currently the coach of Russian Rostov-Don, but has not missed the situation when Tadici threw his own player against the bench.

Per Johansson.

– The pencil artist Tadici strikes again. The man with the small balls continues. Such an asshole and abuser of women. Turn him off for life, thunders Johansson.

– I read how some compare him to Trefilov (Yevgeny, the successful but infamous, Russian ex-league captain). Trefilov was not in that way at all, he is actually very popular with his players.

Tomas Ryde has previously coached CSM Bucharest and been the Romanian national team captain.

– He is a psychopath who has managed to get some people to continue to perform his deed that only benefits himself. He abuses players, he violates his sporting surroundings. In short, he destroys the future of Romanian girls’ and women’s handball through his corrupt actions such as lay matches and by bribing referees, says Ryde.

“Struck me – asked why I was crying”

One of the world’s best midfielders, Crina Pintea, who today plays in the Hungarian super club Györ, has previously had Tadici as coach and testified about how he treats people.

– Tadici hit me which made me start to cry, then he asked why I cried, she said an interview two years ago.

Norwegian Bent Dahl is the coach of Vâlcea, the team that Zalău faced last week – and he also has a job within the Romanian association.

– I hope that the disciplinary committee makes the right decision, says Dahl.


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The scenes arouse disgust: “An asshole and a woman abuser” • See clip

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