The Suicide Squad Gets a Hellish New Mission With a DCEU Link

As the Suicide Squad welcomes Ambush Bug onto Task Force X, the team is given a mission of hellish proportions with a famous DC Universe target.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Suicide Squad #7, on sale now from DC Comics.

From Arkham Asylum and Teen Titans Academy to the Crime Syndicate of America’s home on Earth-3, the Suicide Squad has traveled to some especially formidable locations over the course of the Infinite Frontier era. And as Waller and her team have endured setback after setback, leading to some massive casualties on the roster and ultimately lead Waller and Task Force X going on the run, the undeterred Waller has assigned the team to travel to the fiery depths of Hell for a target straight from the DC Extended Universe: The Rock of Eternity.

Suicide Squad #7 — by Robbie Thompson, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Marcelo Maiolo and Wes Abbott — opens with the self-aware superhero Ambush Bug joining the team, less because he’s overtly wanted by Waller to join the ensemble but because he happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Ambush Bug’s addition to the team comes as Waller teleports directly to Hell for the Rock of Eternity. The Suicide Squad’s objective within the magical rock are currently unknown, but given that Waller has been obsessed with building a new and powerful ensemble to double as her disguised Justice League and seize control of Earth-3 from the Crime Syndicate, it may involve another recruitment mission involving Shazam.

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Suicide Squad Rock of Eternity Hell

Ever since the start of the Infinite Frontier era, Billy Batson has struggled with controlling his magical transformation into the Earth’s Mightiest Mortal Shazam. Cutting off contact with the rest of the Shazam Family until he learns what’s wrong, Billy enrolled in Teen Titans Academy to hone his crimefighting skills and learn not to rely so heavily on his powers. Billy recently learned that the Rock of Eternity — the headquarters of the Wizard Shazam and source of his powers — mysteriously relocated to Hell. Billy investigated to see if his recent power fluctuations were a result of that relocation, as hinted at during Future State, and rescued his best friend Freddy Freeman in the process.

Of course, any trip to Hell isn’t going to be a pleasant day trip, and the Suicide Squad immediately finds an army of ravenous demons awaiting them as soon as they are beamed down to the sulfuric shores of the netherworld. And as the Suicide Squad cuts through the standard rank and file demons attempting to devour them and condemn them to the underworld’s nastiest horrors, they learn that Hell has a nefarious, super-powered team of its own as the self-proclaimed Hell Squad approaches, with several deceased supervillains ready to get a crack at the intruders that have made their way there.

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Suicide Squad Bloodsport Hell

The Suicide Squad has made enemies of everyone from the Crime Syndicate to the Teen Titans as Waller becomes obsessed with building her own Justice League to conquer the multiverse at any cost. Upon entering Hell, the Suicide Squad has quickly made enemies of the most sinister figures the fiery netherworld has to offer as the newly christened Hell Squad sets their sights on Task Force X, all while boasting home-field advantage. And though Ambush Bug may give the beleaguered team the off-kilter support it vitally needs as it stands in more dire straits than ever, the Suicide Squad has a long way to go if they hope to reach the Rock of Eternity and ever see the outside world again.

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