the ‘ultra’ drift of the mythical television Hercules

We met him in the mid-nineties, when he enlivened our snacks fighting mythological beings such as centaurs, hydras or cyclops. His Hercules, that of “the legendary voyages”, became a television icon that we forgot as soon as the twentieth century ended and we threw ourselves in the arms of other heroes, these coming from the pages of comics and who wore a more powerful budget muscle than that of the son of Zeus. The interpreter, Kevin Sorbo, has since wandered between geek conventions in which to sell at 10 euros the selfie and the less glamorous depths of the film industry. Unable to aspire to a position like that achieved a decade ago, The actor has decided to stay in the pillory of today thanks to his ultra belligerence on Twitter. Taking into account the history of homophobic, sexist and racist comments of this staunch defender of Donald Trump (“Jesus Christ would vote for him”), we intuit that an unusual tolerance for ridicule is the only herculean thing left in the current demigod of the extreme right.

The interpreter has returned to the headlines this June for accusations of sexual harassment received by a co-star. On the occasion of the recent march by the Trump administration’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the 60-year-old actor published a tweet criticizing the feminist movement for “defending the rights of women only if they are progressive.” Actress and director Haley Webb, who in 2015 co-starred with Sorbo in the movie Single in South Beach, he answered, revealing the alleged harassment he suffered during the filming of the film. “I don’t think the person who repeatedly tried to pressure his co-star, three decades his junior, to sleep together, publicly embarrassed her on set when she refused, and insisted on the director to add unnecessary sex scenes between us he should be giving lessons on feminism ”.

The revelation of the Web, which already collects more than 70,000 ‘likes’ as a sample of the animosity aroused by the character, was not denied by Sorbo, who limited himself to publishing a generic and sarcastic reflection on the fake news. “One is innocent until proven otherwise. But, thanks to the Internet, you can say what you want about anyone and it does not matter if it is true or not. Now you are guilty, period! Hey, it’s on the Internet, it must be true! ”. The actor himself claimed a couple of years ago that Gianni Versace himself had harassed him in 1984. He was working as a model at the time and alleges that the designer “raised his hand” up his leg, suggesting himself. He also added that the episode was not over and that both maintained both the employment relationship and friendship.

Sorbo’s reactionary drift encompasses almost any political and social aspect that makes headlines in the United States. It has been especially harsh on those known as dreamers, young people without papers who used to be allowed to reside legally in the country if they arrived there before the age of 16 and that Trump threatens deportation. For the actor, “Only in America are legal citizens branded as ‘racists’ and ‘Nazis’, while illegal aliens are branded ‘dreamers’. Sorbo has also blamed Latino immigration for the 2018 mass shootings in the country and has strongly expressed his desire to see the promised wall built on the border with Mexico.

From Cyclops to progressive politics: Hercules has changed his target.

As the epitome of the far-right celebrity, Sorbo has also defended Trump’s macho attitudes, ensuring that the editorial success of the erotic novel justifies his behavior. “If women are so upset with the dirty language the president uses, who the hell bought 80 million copies of 50 shades of gray?”. To complete your profile, we must remember that has condemned the right to abortion on numerous occasions, calling it “the definition of evil”; and that he belligerently attacked the homosexual community in Hollywood. In addition to participating as a speaker at an anti-LGTBI + event, he has criticized first Disney, for including a gay character in one of his films, and then McDonalds, for marketing a themed milkshake on the occasion of the Pride parade.

The Minnesota actor maintains that in response to his freedom of expression, the movie mecca put him on a “black list.” In the meantime, has managed to become a regular in what is known as Christian cinema, a very profitable Hollywood sub-industry based on films related to the Catholic faith with a very low budget. Shot like churros –Sorbo has up to a dozen films pending release in the coming months– and with hardly any stars in their casts, these productions base their entire marketing strategy on the powerful parish network of congregations and churches. Sorbo starred in 2014 in one of the biggest hits of the genre, God’s not Dead, which with a budget of two million reached more than 60 on the US billboard. In the film, he played an atheist philosophy professor who was ‘enlightened’ by a passionate Christian student.

Various celebrities have dared to censor Sorbo’s words on Twitter. From Stephen King himself to Chrissy Teigen, who pulled sarcasm to reduce the character to a mere “male Xena.” Whoever gave life to the unforgettable warrior princess, Lucy Lawless, has taken a life course very different from that of her partner, establishing herself as a feminist icon and environmental activist. Perhaps Sorbo’s xenophobic hatred comes from the resentment he still feels for the success of Xena, which was conceived as a character of only three chapters of life and that with its own spin-off came to outnumber H herself in audienceércules: His legendary travels. The actor lived this situation with jealousy, ensuring that he never understood why the producers allowed the princess to be more powerful than the demigod he played.

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Hercules and Xena starred in two of the most watched series of the 1990s. Photo: Cordon Press

The hidden agenda behind the actor’s tweet hatred is still unknown. If you are seeking the favor of Donald Trump, staying a relevant figure in 2019, or simply expressing your opinion, but perhaps it was he himself who gave away his intentions in a recent tweet. “Stop living in your world Imagine by John Lennon. It’s not real”. With opinion leaders like Kevin Sorbo making headlines, we can only agree with him.

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the ‘ultra’ drift of the mythical television Hercules